Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Away from Fraser's Hill 2009

Now unlike what our Tourism Ministry runs - the Visit Malaysia 200x campaigns - i am now running the "Get Away from Fraser's Hill 2009" campaign to discourage ppl from visiting Fraser's Hill.

Here's the story.

On Sunday night, after watching Arsenal kick Burnley's ass (btw Burnley kicked Liverpool's ass) we couldnt take the weather no more - coz it was fucking hot on Saturday and fucking hot on Sunday - we decided to do a road trip on Monday (since it was a holiday) to somewhere green and cold!

So we pretty much had only 3 options - camerons, genting or fraser's - and since non of us have been to fraser's, we decided to pay the bitch a lil visit.

So off we went..............

and KL rained. It's like KL was trying to make up to us.... like KL is saying "oh come on now, i'll make it up for you, i'll make it cold for you so hold up boys, come back"

But we were like "TOO LATE", we're off to Fraser's

And i was fucking LOVING it coz everything was green looking out the front screen.

Looking out the left windscreen, everything was also green - it was like paradise, a perfect getaway from being raped by clients in the city. We were all eager, all anxious to do some horse back riding, pluck some strawberies and shit in fucking COLD weather. It was like watchin a girl strip.

Even the bottles we brought were GREEEEN! Heineken green. You never go on road trips without these bottles. Especially when you're the driver. It makes things greener for ya.

And these are the 3 mother fuckers, all laid back chilling at the back. Jo, Anisa and Zuf. I had to take the front seat coz i had relatively longer legs and a bigger ass... wtf

So i could only be in front to observe road signs.
This caught my attention:

See, when you say it in English - Heavy Vehicles - you kinda get it because 'heavy', as an adjective, can also refer to heavy in size. But when its in BM, you just take 'berat' so literally its like you gotta put your car on the scale before you head out so you know when you gotta keep left.
Anyway, back to our journey to Fraser's, and as i was saying earlier - i was assigned to sit in front to observe road signs and sorta direct the driver, who is non-Malaysian.
And for those who know me, you will know what happens when that happens.
Yes, we got lost... we arrived in Bentong and we were heading towards Raub.

So since we've never been to Bentong, we paid the town a little visit.
And a small town it is. It's like Bekenu in 8 years - A town which policemen ride on Honda Boon Siew 70CC. Man can you imagine, you just need a Honda Boon Siew 80CC to get away from the cops in this part of the world
And you know what, we were just picking up one of the girls from damansara perdana and i swear i saw a 'Restoran Lapan Lapan Lapan Lapan' aka 'Restaurant Four Eights'.
So as you can see, shops in Bentong are getting there .... they only got Lapan Lapan or two eights for now.

So after Bentong, we decided to waste no time and get to our destination. Well luckily we found a road sign that points us to Fraser's Hill so that was like a life saver.
So we took that road and it was the most windiest road in the world it was like if every 1-inch turn on your steering wheel earns you 1 buck, you'd be a millionaire when you get to the top.

And the whole road seems to be infected with bamboo trees, there were so much bamboo trees you'd be blind if you see no bamboo trees. And massive bamboo trees. If i never knew we were going to Fraser's, i'd think we were going to a bamboo plantation
After a really sick drive, we finally saw a very warm sign board.

Welcome to Fraser's Hill it says, the Little England. WTF? Is little England filled with bamboo trees? and do brits name their coffee shops "eight eight cafe" Yo Mr Fraser, you're givin us the wrong impression yo.... we've been to little England yo and it is NOTHING close to this.
And what was more WTF, was the final route to Fraser's, which is one way. Yes, like one fucking road with just 1 lane so if you're going up when ppl are coming down, you're fucked. It was odd hours going up and even hours coming down and we got there at 2:01.
Anyway, after an hour, we got up the hill.
So we arrived at Fraser's Hill and we were so fucking AMAZEDDDDDDDDDD at how lousy it was. There was nobody, alot of abandoned buildings which looks haunted, 10% of the shops were opened, road had no lights, you hardly see a sign of living on Fraser's. I'd call it "Welcome to Fraser's Hill, the little ghost town"

This is the Silverpark Appartments, which was on the peak of the hill if not one of the peaks. It's like the theme park of Genting but this did not even have a sign of a heartbeat.
And just trees surrounding it.

Some bangalows... they look like cottages. Maybe thats where the 'Little England' came from.

After all that anticipation, which was eventually answered with utter disappointment, we just wanted to find a place to eat, sit on a still chair and just chill.
We followed the road signs that led us to many restaurants that were all closed.
We finally settled for mamak food . A mamak in literally cold temperature & surrounded with greens - how cool is that.

So unless you wanna check out the mamak, Get Away from Fraser's Hill.


Anonymous said...

Boss, i like dis one.. finally something dat i can easily understand.. =='''

Anonymous said...

Not all people like nature like me. The place is haunted but I love it. Genting is a hell even full with worldly entertainment. Fraser is just a place for people to seek nature after a heavy workload and just wanna have some relaxation time. You know what..when you seek nature you will feel calm inside. But maybe people like you don't really appreciate nature. Fraser is a place to explore jungle trails, birds and animals that's it. Read pamphlet before go.

If you want to shout, laugh, gamble, enjoy variety of alcoholic drinks, party..yes..Genting is the place not Fraser. If you want to buy fresh vegetables and fruits and seek nature go to Cameron. Maxwell hill and Fraser is just for stress released for those who like greeny stuff.

I think the place ia just like rural Scotland not england. But as British people stayes there long time ago thats why I think they said little England as those brits also develop that place based on colonial designs.

Hotel looks old,not much entertain for party goer.. everything looks outdated is because..aiyooo see lah the road..so small and narrow. How can a trailer or big trucks going up sending new machinery/furnitures/concrete stuff to build more entertainment? It will be so costly if by plane I guess??! Thats why they use what have been set up there and difficult to bring up new stuff.