Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Najib's repressive regime & implications on free media

Expect the clamping (of freedom of speech) to compound when Najib ascends the throne. He might even pay Google to close down all the blogs, under e-blogger, who criticize the govt -mine included.

Blogs will no longer be a personal space, it will be confined within its limits.
Najib will be watching you!

In the lead up to to his ascension (based on my personal observation)... already:

1) Police has fired water canons & teargas to opposition ceramahs, some without issuing the mandatory warning. Because they claim that those are illegal gatherings, not because they are but because they can never be legal (permits will never be granted)

2) Gobind Singh Deo has been suspended from Parliament for one year

3) Daddy Singh also facing sedition charges

4) RPK faces sedition charges too and will especially face an uphill battle with Najib on the throne. Najib hates this bugger, who has relentlessly exposed his baggage, and will stop at nothing to shut him up. Not so easy, Najib.

5) Suara Keadilan and Harakah, have been suspended for three months with no explanation

6) UMNO barred six Internet-based media from covering its annual general assembly this week
7) The power grab in Perak on 5th February 2009 was unethical, undemocratic, illegal and personally orchestrated by Najib himself


Junni said...

Cool. Watch your words though. :-) End of March is here, I'm feeling hopeless...

des said...

LOL yes, well watched before publishing it but point noted. Good luck to April & the days to come