Friday, March 27, 2009

Mahathir and the doomed Malaysia

Mahathir is a pissed man!

So pissed, he can make a man strip and put his underwear over his head, by just looking at the man.

Because his son Muhkriz lost in the contest for the top post in UMNO Youth.

He got trashed by the corrupt Khairy and even Toyo the joker got more votes than him. So either he's (Muhkirz) more corrupt than Khairy & Toyo hence not favoured by the vote casters, or he simply didnt pay enough to garner the necessary votes (assuming that Khairy paid his way to the top post, like Mahathir claims)

So today Mahathir made a fucking big fuss because his son lost.

Well he just doesnt realize that whether its Khairy or Toyo or Muhkriz on the Throne, UMNO Youth WILL BE corrupt. It's just a matter of who sits on the top and cuts the pie first.

And that old man is just trying to destroy the country he built so it goes down to the grave with him. Imagine the international press going

"Malaysia: Ex PM fucking with PM, because Ex PM's son lost to PM's son-in-law in battle for top post"

Now ladies and gentlemen, my fellow citizens of Malaysia, this MALAYSIA, is the country we live in. God bless all of you

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Junni said...

where you get the pic?so funny! it goes down to the grave with him..:D what a power-lemming ghost he would be.