Monday, March 23, 2009

Liverpool, Sunday and other stuff

Arrogant Liverpool fans

Today, the Liverpool supporters in our office have offered us Man Utd supporters to 'cross-over'. They hope that by the end of their campaign, they will have 2/3 of all the football fans in our company to put images of Torres on our desktop wallpapers.

But unlike Malaysian politicians, ive decided to stay with the Devils.

Advertising gone wrong

I was at Pavilion in KL on Sunday morning for breakfast.
And in the centre of the semi-high-end shopping mall, was a display of a Jaguar - a brand new looking jaguar, no longer with the very protruding, caddilac resembling bonets & trunks.

The car looked really fresh & caught my attention & made me wanna check it out .... until i saw a bunting that stood trembling next to the display car. Well, before i even start, its a bunting... and Jaguar. Nvm

I dunno if its just me but it says "Definitely premium executive car of the year". 3 adjectives to describe a car is too long? Just say 'Executive Car of the Year!' ?
And best is - its awarded by NSTP & Maybank. Yes, a print company & a bank.

Weird plastic models

When men are out shopping with the ladies(be it gfs or wives), the first thing they look for when they enter a boutique are the comfortable couches which are prepared for them.

And the men will normally try and keep a little sight on the lady so when she looks, you can quickly nod and pretend you're really interested.

One of the shops i entered (prada) and had to sit for particularly long, placed these 2 plastic models right in-front of the waiting couch. A headless one, and one wearing sunnies and has got no nose. Artistic? or ...

There is a food court in Pavilion

Pavilion has a food court if you go down down. I was surprised, but ive already had breakfast. But i wanted to check it out.

And after i walked pass some Asian restaurants & food shops i began to see a trend in these outlets. They are all trying to bring out the traditions of how the food is prepared, or at least a traditional outfit to cook the food.

Because, i think, the Chinese are just too kiasu, 'originality' becomes always a major factor in decision making. So if you can convince them that its very 'original', they'll pay the price for it.

This was the 'Cha Kueh' food shop displaying their brought-fwd-through-time cooks.

This was a Japanese restaurant, and they displayed their chef / kitchen-hand making Soba noodles with a stick.

Next time i start a chicken rice business, ill have a young boy chasing endlessly after a chicken at the front corner of the shop.

Work is on full steam.

I get so stressed ive many times dreamt about camping at the Murray River. When i was in Australia, we made many trips to what we term "the river".

To get really trashed at night, and just chill through the day in the bush, by the river and with no fucking worries. Tons of booze, and stuff you take in Australia when you're in Uni.. haha

I miss my holden and the caravan! And the boat rides on the river Jungle biking...

And while im on this, Im trying to get in touch with a long lost friend. I always get into this 'long lost friend' situation coz im really bad at keeping contacts and keeping in touch until i they fall into the long lost friend category before i start to realize it.
Ben Garner. Lives in Shepparton, Victoria. I know its a big world but by any chance, anybody knows him?


rach! said...

hahaha " a young boy chasing endlessly after a chicken at the front corner of the shop. " Good one!...:)

Anonymous said...

the bunting says "definitively". not "definitely"

k.tan said...

I miss Perth toooo!