Monday, March 2, 2009

0% for BN, 76% dont get weekly shag

Hello ppl! I got pretty disturbed with some of the comments i got on my last 'Miri' post. So i think i need to just make it clear that i am not a proffesional writer, i am not affiliated with any political parties or NGOs (although i make it no secret that i am behind DAP's principals & cause), i do not practise law or any related fields of profession and to just cut this whole bullshit short, my opinions are just opinions of an ordinary citizen who's sick of the traffic jams, struggling with the high cost of living, perplexed with the political & economic instability and just has a point of view, sometimes negative. And my opinions are not politically motivated and shouldn't be taken seriously. And i mean this applies to everything ive written before and will write now and in the future.

Ok, now that i've covered myself kau kau...

The title reflects some of the results ive garnered from this most ridiculous poll im running on my blog (on the right) and one of the results (below), i like!

This result, however, quite worrying. Did you know that sex stimulates your brain cells and improves brain acitivty and this leads to smart decisions, and smart decisions normally yield good returns. So dont be shy now

This, also quite alarming.

To the 19% who take chemicals - bro, take it easy man. Life aint that bad buddy, try toke up some shit and hang loose & forget bout that white shit man. Your missus might have left you, or is having sexy time with another dick, or she's no 4 prostitue in Kuzhek but come on man, it aint worth what ur doin now.

So hang loose bratha, go check out the sexy leprechauns that are populating the town now. I just had the chance to bump into 2 recently, starting with this little cute leperchaun in the middle. She introduced herself as the fourfeetnine leperchaun. How bizzare...

And this is kinky blue, i mean green leperchaun. To spot more sexy leperchauns, come to One Utama (New Wing) on Mar 13th at 6pm.

The polls and sexy leperchauns aside, i was searching for a picture of Miri, since my hometown caught quite some 'unatural' response.

I keyed in "picture miri" on Google and guess what i found (try it).

Now i didn't quite expect that lady who's sucking her thumb to appear on a search for Miri, on Google. So yes of course, i checked her out

Miri Hanai (花井 美理, Hanai Miri?, born October 15, 1984), is a Japanese gravure idol. She was born and lives in Tokyo, Japan
Go check her out boys


Boss Stewie said...


I mean that Miri.. not the other one

Jenny said...

What about those who don't have ANY vices? Who don't smoke and don't drink? You persecute us! We are unable to participat beyond quiz no. 2 because we are SUPPRESSED.


des said...

Boss Stewie - You mean Miri Hanai... Man u better not let ur princess hear bout that haha

Jennie - Tell you what you can do. Imagine that when i say 'i drink' it means i drink anything, which can be a vice coz u really gotta watch what you're drinking