Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Kenny left it at Nuffnang 3 – Competitor 2

Id like to take it from there and talk about my part of the relationship with Nuffnang.

1 to 2 years ago, Timothy couldn't believe how hard we work (for the single cause of delivering quality work) that when i call him pass 9pm for work-related matters, he will ask me to go home like how my mum did when i was still at the snooker centres pass midnight on school days. Ehhh Desmond, go home la we will talk about it tomorrow. Mannn, i think your company pays you a bomb to make you do this.. yada yada yada.

So you know like what i did to my mum, i just ignored him.

But Timothy's now found a more creative way to make me go home or stop working (definitely more creative than the nagging).
He sent me this picture to my work mail a few days ago at almost midnight with the email subject " Enjoy :) " ... very suggestive

Competitor never wrote me any emails.

Nuffnang 4 – Competitor 2

Nuffnang is like the United Nations of the blogosphere. They bring peace.
And only in a Nuffnang event, you'd see an Israeli and Palestinian get along so well.

Nuffnang 5 – Competitor 2

And like one of Kenny's points too, Timothy has been leaving comments in my blogs ever since i started a blog.

Like i said, i normally get 2 comments on less than 5% of the blogs i write. And it will always be comment 1 from Timothy Tiah, and comment 2 from desmondkiu

Competitor, never even knew i could write a blog

Nuffnang 6 – Competitor 2

But jokes aside, to Tim, Ming and all the Nuffies, wish you guys all the best!

To continued growth and success!

Start thinking of what to do for your 3rd anniversary!


Red Wolf said...

Great continuation of Kenny's post!

dheepan said...

Nah now you have me as the second commenter. Haha.

aud said...

wow desmond you actually took a picture with the malaysian dream girl? wtf

des said...

oh yes audrey! i was so happy i couldn't sleep for a week! wtf

Robb said...

foam party anyone? lol

des said...

Man you and your foam party! lol