Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Kenny left it at Nuffnang 3 – Competitor 2

Id like to take it from there and talk about my part of the relationship with Nuffnang.

1 to 2 years ago, Timothy couldn't believe how hard we work (for the single cause of delivering quality work) that when i call him pass 9pm for work-related matters, he will ask me to go home like how my mum did when i was still at the snooker centres pass midnight on school days. Ehhh Desmond, go home la we will talk about it tomorrow. Mannn, i think your company pays you a bomb to make you do this.. yada yada yada.

So you know like what i did to my mum, i just ignored him.

But Timothy's now found a more creative way to make me go home or stop working (definitely more creative than the nagging).
He sent me this picture to my work mail a few days ago at almost midnight with the email subject " Enjoy :) " ... very suggestive

Competitor never wrote me any emails.

Nuffnang 4 – Competitor 2

Nuffnang is like the United Nations of the blogosphere. They bring peace.
And only in a Nuffnang event, you'd see an Israeli and Palestinian get along so well.

Nuffnang 5 – Competitor 2

And like one of Kenny's points too, Timothy has been leaving comments in my blogs ever since i started a blog.

Like i said, i normally get 2 comments on less than 5% of the blogs i write. And it will always be comment 1 from Timothy Tiah, and comment 2 from desmondkiu

Competitor, never even knew i could write a blog

Nuffnang 6 – Competitor 2

But jokes aside, to Tim, Ming and all the Nuffies, wish you guys all the best!

To continued growth and success!

Start thinking of what to do for your 3rd anniversary!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starbucks! Now in Bekenu, Miri

I bet you've never heard of Miri, let alone Bekenu.

Miri's my hometown! And is where the historical Mulu Caves are. The experience of being in the Mulu Caves is overwhelming. Imagine an area of caves. AND. It's as big as Singapore. Yes, although Singapore is not even noticeable in the world map, but still - its substantial

300K+ population, tallest building which would be the Imperial Mall is not more than 30 stories. Alot of pubs around but everybody goes to only 1 pub, which is the Balcony. To alot of Mirians, going to Balcony is like a place where you can meet the Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies of the world and they dress up like their dads gonna think they're goin to a ball at midnight. And the Japanese culture has creaped into them but they're failing miserably.

And so all the other pubs live on renting their chinese bar staffs to the public. Mirians just dont know how to promote competition to benefit themselves eventually.

Mirians.... SIGH.... like to go to politician open houses during CNY to get free food & ang pows & watch FREE lion dances trying to keep their balance on the stilts. So thats why BN reigns supreme in this part of the country, coz they fucking distribute free food and give ang pows and call up the lion dances... MAN, if i was politician, id be CM of Sarawak.

But Miri is the place i wanna be when im raped by my clients. Because its by the coastal area so you can eat, drink, party, have sex at the beach and i wake up to food on the table and i dont get stuck in traffic jams and i dont pay parking tickets, i can just not give a fuck about anything.... so Miri as you're trying to imagine now, isnt that bad afterall.

ANYWAY, to my point..... i mean what the Title suggests.

Bekenu has a population of not even 6 digits and 99% of that 5 digits you cant even see. Coz they live in the farms, by the sea and in the plantations. The city centre has not more than 10 blocks of shops and they're all 2 stories tall. And half of them are not opened.

But what the fuck is Starbucks doing there...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Soi Lek faces oral sex charge

Sometimes i think Malaysians are just too bad in politics. They strike a gold pot for bringing a politician down, now they exploit it to every extent to bring ppl down - distribute naked pictures, put a camera is some politicians bedroom then spread the pornographic DVDs, accusing someone of sodomy, getting someone who was involved in a porno DVD to be accused with sodomy.. for CRYING OUT LOUD, you cant think of something more creative?

This reminds me of the Proton scenario. They had proton, then iswara, then wira and satria and all sorts of wi wa vi va names, and then they couldn't think of anythin else so they went back to proton - dress it up and relaunch it again. The NEW Proton! woaahh..

===== from The Malaysian Insider

PETALING JAYA, Feb 23 — Police are investigating MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek for oral sex, considered carnal intercourse against the order of nature, based on footage from his sex DVD scandal more than a year ago.

The former health minister believes that this is an attempt by political opponents to discredit him yet again.

“I strongly feel that there is an attempt by some quarters to revive the DVD to continue to discredit, threaten and cow me into silence,” he said.

The sex scandal resurfaced on Feb 10 after a Kelana Jaya resident claimed that an envelope containing the DVD and a letter was placed in his mailbox.

The letter instructed the recipient to lodge a police report after watching the video.
Upon watching the DVD, the resident realised that the DVD was a pornographic video and proceeded to make the police report.

Dr Chua gave a statement at the district police headquarters at Petaling Jaya this morning and told investigators that the video is the same as the one that surfaced a year ago.

In Jan 2008, the former Labis MP admitted to being the man in a sex video and resigned from all political posts.

Although he made a comeback in the MCA polls last October as the party’s number two, he and president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has had to make constant denials of a running feud.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

6 pussies, now no pussy

SHANGHAI, Feb 18 — A married Chinese tycoon who could no longer afford to support his five mistresses during the credit crunch held a contest to decide which one to keep.

But when one of the women was eliminated because of her looks, she decided to take revenge — and drove her former lover and her four competitors off a cliff.

She was killed in the crash, while the man and four other women were hospitalised, according to the Shanghai Daily.

At first, officials believed the car crash was an accident. Then details of the bizarre contest emerged in a letter left by the dead woman, a 29-year-old former waitress named only as Yu.

The woman met the entrepreneur, surnamed Fan, at the restaurant where she worked in the coastal city of Qingdao in 2000 and became his lover. Fan later introduced her to the four other mistresses — two of his employees and two former clients — with all given a £500 (RM2,600) monthly allowance and rent-free apartment, the report said.

However, when Fan's business ran into tough times, he decided to lay off all but one woman.
He hired an instructor from a modelling agency to run a private contest where the women were judged on beauty, singing ability and capacity to drink alcohol held at a hotel in May.

The cash-strapped businessman did not tell the women about his intentions. Yu was eliminated in the first-round beauty competition and a woman surnamed Liu eventually won after dominating the drinking round, the report said.

When Fan told Yu she was dismissed and that he was selling her apartment, she took matters into her own hands.

She convinced the group to go on a sightseeing tour with her before returning to her home province — then drove them all off a remote mountain road.

After the accident Fan paid Yu's parents the equivalent of £60,000 as compensation for her death.

The other four mistresses left him — as did his wife once she learned of his affairs. — Daily Mail

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sex, privacy and newspapers

Today in this article on Star Online:

there seems to be a major conflict between their opinions & UMNO's.
In this article it says -

"Despite everything we say about the right to privacy and our public position that Wong did no wrong, it will be hypocritical if those concerned still insist that she (Elizabeth Wong) pay the price with her resignation."

And Khir Toyo on the other hand is condemning her to her resignation.

So either Star is feeling the pinch from the public preference of transparent news & opninions (Malaysia Kini has been battling neck to neck in traffic with Star) or they made a mistake and let this slip OR its just something that's been planned to tame public anger.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


BOO!! You friggin perverts!! haha

BUT MAN, for a mid-aged politician... unmarried, she's pretty alright isnt she.

And because of that, and because someone sneaked a camera into her private parts (coz she's mid-aged hot) and circulated it, she gotta quit. Now that aint fair but i mean...
She's obviously embarrased for making the only mistake of not drawing the curtains when she's feeling all-over hot & sexy on the couch.
SO i hope she gets over it and as she said outloud right, we're in a democracy so you got no reasons to be shy over whats circulated coz it aint breaking no law. Just gotta get over the - NOW dont look at me as if im gonna strip for you - and the - dont try and say you're sorry - environment.
But if she gets up, like Chua Soi Lek did over a much extensive coverage of a SEX scene, i take off my hat. And i hope she does just that
Tough journey for her though, with Selangor Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo taking every opportunity to condemn her saying she's morally unfit to continue... DUDE, are you seriously kidding? she gotta quit coz she forgot to draw her curtains?
Big conspiracy to take down the PR coalition. Started with Perak. Sounds like Selangor and Kedah could be next. ALL leading towards the crowning of Najis

Monday, February 16, 2009

Perak to go back to Pakatan Rakyat (or a loose coalition of DAP, PRK, PAS)

That's what I predict but i know it can go many ways and that the possibility of this happening is not very compelling but if it does, it'll also take time so for now, its really less than a prediction but it could happen.

RPK has very comprehensively articulated the situation so im not gonna bother writing...


But the problem does not end here. What happens to the corruption charges against those two ‘independent’ State Assemblymen? Will the charges now be dropped? If the charges are dropped then it would become too obvious. But if the charges remain and they face trial, then another problem crops up.

First would be what surfaces in the trial. If the trial reveals they were fixed up, then Barisan Nasional would look bad. But if they were not fixed up and really are guilty of corruption, Barisan Nasional would also look bad. Both ways Barisan Nasional would look bad.

And if they are found guilty because they really are guilty then there will be two more by-elections in Perak, which the opposition will surely win. And we will end up with 30 opposition seats against only 29 from Barisan Nasional.

This means the Perak government will again change hands like it did last week, but this time from Barisan Nasional to a loose coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS.

Then we have the problem of Hee. She is expected to resign due to the pressure she is facing. This means yet another seat will fall vacant and yet another by-election will be held.Maybe over the 11 months since 8 March 2008, the loose coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS was running Perak with uncertainty about its future.

But the new Barisan Nasional government of Perak is not on any more solid ground than the previous government. It too faces the possibility of being driven out of office.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook pays US$65m to settle rival’s claim

NEW YORK, Feb 13 — Facebook paid US$65 million (RM234 million) to squash allegations that its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, stole the idea that has grown to become the world's largest social networking site, with more than 150 million users, it has been revealed.

The site was sued in 2004 by ConnectU, a company founded by former friends of Zuckerberg at Harvard. A deal was agreed last year, but until now its terms had been secret. Divya Narendra and twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss claimed Zuckerberg had worked on their concept of a social networking website for students at America's oldest university, and stolen the idea to build his version.

ConnectU said it deserved a substantial slice of the credit for Facebook, claiming it was worth US$15 billion.

Facebook wanted the details of the protracted legal battle kept confidential. It had reporters removed from a California court so talks could go on in secret.

This week, however, the law firm that represented ConnectU, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges, sent a newsletter to clients saying Facebook paid US$20 million and handed over 1.2 million shares of common stock, valued at US$45 million by the court. The firm said it had revealed this in error.

The US$15 billion valuation of Facebook had been based on Microsoft's decision to pay US$240 million for a 1.6 per cent share in October 2007. That deal, much talked about, saw it fight off rivals Google and Yahoo.

According to court documents, Facebook's lawyers in its battle with ConnectU argued it was in reality worth far less than what Microsoft was prepared to pay, and hence the settlement should be substantially lower. Facebook, still privately held, valued itself at US$3.7 billion; as a result, ConnectU's share settlement should be US$11 million.

The figure, in an internal appraisal, was discovered by reporters from the Associated Press after a computer error. Unfortunately for Facebook it was Microsoft's valuation that was used by the court.

"US$65 million is a significant sum — it's certainly more than the cost of the defence," said Chris Scott Graham, an intellectual property lawyer with Dechert. "But it's a very small percentage of Facebook's valuation."

Since the two were founded in 2004, they have gone on to wildly divergent fortunes. ConnectU has fewer than 100,000 users, and the twins have instead made careers as rowers — they came sixth in the men's pairs at the Beijing Olympics.

They are disputing the US$13 million fee due to their law firm because it broke an agreement to keep the deal secret. The firm said it was an error. "Our PR people released something and it didn't get caught by the people who knew," said a spokesman. "We had a policy against talking publicly about this case." — The Guardian

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who're we with? wonders the 3 running dogs

Amongst other things, the Perak trio have either been hailed as heroes, reviled as traitors, known as political frogs but now still remain independents.

Why aren't Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) — the three defectors — members of any Barisan Nasional component parties? Why are they still independents after causing the Pakatan Rakyat government to stutter, stumble and fall?


Umno cannot be seen to be taking in two lawmakers who have been charged with corruption. That will truly confirm the Malay nationalist party as corrupt.

As it is, the party is already facing an uphill task battling the public perception that it is corrupt and beyond redemption. Enticing both Jamaluddin and Osman to jump ship has hardened that taint in people's minds.

As for Hee, she should be a prize that both the MCA and Gerakan would like to have in their battle for more seats in Perak and their national upmanship game to represent the Chinese within Barisan Nasional.

However, while they are the obvious parties for her to join, both fear the growing backlash from the Chinese community for taking in a "running dog" unlike in the past when the MCA and Gerakan gladly accepted defectors from the DAP.

But by contributing to the collapse of the popular Pakatan Rakyat government, Hee has become the most hated person among the Chinese and other Malaysians today, not just in the Kinta Valley but across the entire country.

The MCA and Gerakan do not want her. Pure and simple.

"Political suicide for us to take her", was what both MCA and Gerakan leaders say privately.
The current situation puts the trio in no-man's land. Independents and untouchables and without the official support of any political parties. One side hates them while the other side fears the public reaction to accepting them.

So while the Perak Barisan Nasional government publicly invites more Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers to cross the aisle and contribute to a unity government, rest assured none can and will join any Barisan Nasional component parties for a while.

In fact, those who did might not even be able to stand in the next general election if the ugly mood over their defections persists. Which makes you wonder why they even jumped in the first place?