Thursday, March 27, 2008

Japan aims to launch paper plane in space

Japan... the land of the rising sun

As bright as it looks, and as a major economic power, Japan has the world's second largest economy by nominal GDP. It is a member of the United Nations, G8, G4 and APEC with the world's fifth largest defense budget. It is also the world's fourth largest exporter and sixth largest importer and a world leader in technology and machinery

Japan also hosts a wildly exotic culture where the sex-deprived desperados buy used panties from vending machines on the street

Wanna make a guess what they do with it?


An ex-colleague of mine once said there were clubs where ladies go on level one, men stay on the ground floor

The boundary that seperates both the levels is a metal piece floor

The chics who come to this clubs come pantiless and they just piss standing & the men just enjoy being showered with chic piss.......... urrgghh


So Japan, with the 2nd largest economy, and a culture unique to the universe, is also quite creative.

KASHIWA, Japan (AP) -- Japanese scientists and origami masters hope to launch a paper airplane from space and learn from its journey back to Earth.

A prototype passed a durability test in a wind tunnel this month and Japan's space agency adopted it Wednesday for feasibility studies.

A successful flight from space by an origami plane could have far-reaching implications for the design of re-entry vehicles or space probes for upper atmospheric exploration, said project leader Shinji Suzuki, a professor at Tokyo University's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

In a test outside Tokyo in early February, a prototype about 2.8 inches long and 2 inches wide survived Mach 7 speeds and broiling temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit in a hypersonic wind

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The X Factor: Facebook, are you listening?

Facebook is a great social networking site, but are the employees really that socially clueless in their ad targeting? Do you think you're creating a positive brand experience, Facebook?

Facebook, stop telling me about my "Friends." They're not, well, my friends.Where is your "Facebook Wall" so I can write on it? I can't find it because it's buried under the 100 apps you've installed -- apps that have taken the Facebook experience out of Facebook's hands. The customers are running the kitchen, and most of what they're serving is airline food.

Stop throwing sheep at me, and for Pete's sake stop poking me! Great, now I know what "sign" you are, and what Chinese zodiac. Wow, are we incompatible as a couple? I didn't care what your "sign" was in the real world. What makes you think I care about it on Facebook? And for those that do care, maybe you should get out of the virtual world and into the real world more often. You know, that's where sex happens.

You support "that" political party? Are you kidding! I didn't realize you were a subversively racist idiot. Do you actually practice that religion, or just dial-it-in? You know the hypocrisy of that faith? They subjugate women and believe that every other faith must die for them to ascend. You know that, right? And what's with all the Zombies? Seriously. Hey, come play Scrabulous with me. Uh, who are you again? I must have accidentally accepted your friend request. Your status update just told me you were drunk. That's just great. Did you think your boyfriend wouldn't notice the pictures your friend posted of you? Oh, and by the way, I understand that I just turned 40, but do you now have to start showing me ads for reading glasses? And another thing -- and this is priceless -- did you really think that I wanted to see ads for Tru that said "broken heart?" right after removing "engaged" from my profile? Are you effin serious?

Facebook is a great social networking site, but are the employees really that socially clueless in the real world that they don't know that maybe, just maybe, someone could have a very vitriolic reaction to that? Do you think that's a positive brand experience, Facebook?

Facebook is enabling some very profound social dynamics. That last example is just one of them. Where do we, as a society, view privacy? What are we willing to give up? There is a substantially different view between generations -- the younger generation having no illusions that they have any privacy, and the older generation deluded into thinking they do. Where are the lines between work life, personal life and what is acceptable? When your employer can find out what you believe, if you drink, see pictures of you smoking?and hey, is that a rave? What are the effects to your career? And will you ever know?

That's the danger. It's fine if they tell you that your behavior outside of the workplace reflects on the company and you have to curb your online persona, but how many companies will do that? More likely, you'll just get shuffled to the side without ever knowing why. The company doesn't want to get into a free-speech lawsuit with you. It's just much easier to deny everything. Isn't that what all these athletes have been doing for years? "I have never used performance enhancing substances." Uh, yeah, sure, it's just hard work, sweat and healthy eating. Deny, deny, deny. And that is the danger. Companies will just deny that any of it went into their decision-making process. Does knowing an employee's political views or religion affect the company's view of them? Of course it does!

Understand these are not "real" friends. You care about real friends, for who they are, not what they believe. In fact, often in spite of what they believe. But Facebook friends? Heck, you seriously can't remember how you met half of them.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Badawi to New Cabinet Ministers: Be humble with your flashy cars & huge mansions

Im blogging about The Star Online again...

As much as they're super pro somebody and they pretty much skew ALL their news to look good for that somebody, sometimes they slip without knowing it actually doesnt sound that good. Or its the ministers that slip and they're just blindly, blindly quoting

TOday on Star Online, there's this popular news entitled -

New ministers: PM’s reminder a timely one

This kinda headline on Star is really no surprise right?

Nvm lets get to the point...

The Star Online:
Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar said they were reminded to go down to meet the people because they (the ministers) were once the rakyat before becoming the wakil rakyat (representatives).

“We were reminded not to be arrogant and be pre-occupied with having flashy cars and huge mansions"

How i interpret this is : -

Badawi: To all you ministers, especially the newbies. It's ok to own flashy cars and big mansions, just dont show it off to the public.

Des: But how do all ministers get to own flashy cars & big mansions?

Badawi: Thats what i say..... i dont care if they own... apa tu... mansion... but as long as they dont show it to the public

Des: But my question was how at the first place they can earn such luxuries

Badawi: *pissed* I already sayyyy... If ppl like you know, you make noise. So i urge all the ministers not to let the public know that they own flashy cars and apa tu... mansen...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party

If you were thinking, YES I did attend the Nuffnang Pajama Party and i must say well done Tim, it was an event well organized.

Although the client did send me an email this morning quoting learnings we can take to the next event we sponsor. But at least that was very positive thinking - at least it was not taken the other way around

To me, it was breaking boundaries. The fact that it was a digitally driven social community brought into real-life.

And the fact that ppl indulge in their 2nd life's on the internet, made this event way cooler because here, all the hidden (height, size, colour, voice, skin) are pretty much revealed. Ill spare the examples

Anyway, some highlights of the event...
This is the most celebrated blogger in Malaysia, Kenny Sia, who shuttles Kuching - KL like i can KL Sentral - KL Monorail station. Man, i was just drinking with him at the media launch of st pats @ the grand millenium hotel and the next thing i know, the man's here again

These were the most looked-at bloggers during the event, for 2 very different reasons. Again, ill like to spare the examples.
I was asking them to walk up with me for a quick interview with the media, so Tim get's a higher chance of this event going mainstream. And i must say it was less than 100 steps and it took around 30 minutes because everyone was trying to take a picture with them, including Kidchan. Dude, i thought you were trying to take a picture with Pamela Anderson at the beach with those shades on
Anyway, presenting the most readable blog's blogger - Xia Xue and the most lookable? blogger Dawn Yang from Singapore

This man, David. This man - he knew he was gonna win so much he put on his Chipster jersey. But well done my man, you did the brand proud. More than you did your own. Don't tell me you were one of hte yellow mans in BB Plaza?

Naughty lil nurse and one of Nuffnang's co-founders, Ah Ming ah.

Kidchan's photographer, Manchan caught the moment i tried to feel comfy

And this lady, she's a media owner. And let me tell you that in this line of work, its not unusual that you're approached by a media owner. One of my friends thought it was a chic i finally picked up. The other friend of mine thought vice versa. Dude & duddette, this is a media owner.
And of course Nuffnang's other co-founder, Tiah Ewe Tiam

I still cant get over the elections. Maxis.....

This is a very interesting fact, I unfortunately only found out tonight after reading screenshots by Jeff. Indeed, it'd be suicidal for Badawi to doze off again in this reality

3 + 1 states, and over 60% of national GDP

Did you realise that Penang, Perak, Selangor and, to a certain extent the KL Federal Territory, contribute over 60% of the national GDP? In addition to Kelantan and Kedah, they have all fallen like ten-pins to the non-BN coalition.

It would be suicidal for Abdullah to sleep on this new political reality. His own party will throw him out, alongside the Son-in-Law, sooner or later. But democratically speaking, it's entirely up to the national delegates of the Umno to decide during the forth-coming party election

And i thought Maxis should take note of this.
Consumer feedback fresh from Parliament..

Jeff: Maxis Wireless Broadband? My foot!

My office is on the 28th Floor, Komtar. For security reasons, I decided to use the Huawei/HSDPA-powered wireless broadband. The Maxis version couldn't move the packets on the 28th floor. I bought a Celcom/Vodafone version of the same 3.6Mbps application, and the packets fly!

It's certainly Celcom territory in Penang!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Penang CM slams PM, denies stoking racial tension

Today, the most viewed on The Star Online is entitled

" Pak Lah warns Guan Eng "

The news was particularly angled at Guan Eng trying to marginalize the malays

What the fuck?

Lim Guan Eng has just dismantled the NEP, which has nothing to do with the Malays
For crying out loud, the NEP has been in enforcement for 30 years and its not new anymore
Even Zahrain, PKR state chief has gone against the NEP claiming that its failed to a certain extent

Lim Guan Eng also waved fines for street stalls. Unless each and every street stall was mandated to a Malay, where is the marginalization?

Besides these, Guang Eng has only halted the 25 billion PGCC project because the project has prompted strong protest from Penang residents who are concerned with the social and physical impact of the PGCC, which will comprise hotels, condominiums, commercial centres and a central park among other facilities

Maybe that was why Abdullah wasnt exactly pleased.

But apparently, when Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi launched the project (last year), the impression was that approval had been given. The correct information has not been given

And im particularly disappointed about how lob-sided the news on Star Online is.

Here's the news from the other side of hte fence, from Malaysiakini, that'll probably help us all make a better judgement

Penang CM slams PM, denies stoking racial tension

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has vehemently refuted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s claim that he was stoking racial tension over the issue of dismantling the New Economy Policy (NEP) in the island state.

In a sign that could signal the start of a rocky relationship between the federal and the state governments, Lim has instead slammed Abdullah for seeking to provoke racial tensions with his allegations. “I said we will have an open-tender system (in Penang). What’s the problem with that? Unless Abdullah doesn’t like open tenders but corruption, cronyism and inefficiency.

“I don’t understand what has it (abolishing the NEP) got to do with marginalising the Malay or the Indian community. I think he is not right, (he’s) going on the wrong facts and trying to provoke (racial) sentiment,” Lim told a press conference after witnessing the swearing-in of 10 of his state excos at the Dewan Sri Pinang today.

Yesterday, Abdullah expressed his dismay over the plan by the DAP-led state government not to practise the NEP, an affirmative action policy which favours the bumiputeras.“Do not marginalise the Malays. I want to ask Lim Guan Eng what are his plans for the Malays in Penang. What are his plans for the Indians in Penang. What are his plans for other minority groups in Penang?” said Abdullah.

Who hold the shares? At the press conference, the Penang CM argued that the NEP was a source of corruption, citing the example of the unequal distribution of wealth, including shares which were ‘swallowed up’ by a few selected individuals.“If they want to help Malaysians, I asked these people to ‘vomit out’ some of the (bumiputera) shares... Who hold these shares? Perhaps (Umno Wanita chief) Rafidah Aziz,” he claimed.

“We have not enacted any policy which marginalises a certain group. The only decision that we have made is to waive the (traffic and hawkers) summonses - tell me, which group loses out with that?”In a sarcastic tone, Lim said the premier’s criticism could have been linked to his revelation yesterday that the RM25 billion project of the Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) had yet been approved by the local authorities.

“I understand why he may not be happy with my decision on the PGCC, but the PGCC is not even related to a Malay developer,” argued the Penang CM.The PGCC is undertaken by developer Abad Naluri, an associate company of Equine Capital Berhad which is controlled by the premier’s ally, businessman Patrick Lim.

Abdullah ‘not informed’Lim also suggested that the prime minister might have made his criticism without checking out the facts beforehand.“The PM maybe provoked by Utusan Malaysia - that I wouldn’t know. (But) I understand, because when he launched the PGCC, he was not informed that the project was not even approved, still he went ahead and launched it - this could be just the same case,” a combative Lim said.

Asked on his assurance to the Malay community in the state that they would not be marginalised, Lim reiterated that his government is for all races.

Meanwhile, PKR - DAP’s ally in the state government - gave the party’s backing to the Penang state government on the decision to do away with NEP.“The NEP is no longer new - it has been there for 30 years and it has failed to a certain extent,” said Bayan Baru member of parliament Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who is also PKR state chief.

“It’s time to explain to Malaysians about the Malaysian Economic Agenda which is fairer,” said Zahrain, referring to the need-based policy advocated by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“The Malays would not be sidelined in the new state government, this is an assurance that Lim has given to me and it’s the duty of the state government to ensure all communities are taken care of,” said Zahrain.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogger: I think i wont go into politics, i dont think i want to be fehmes, but i wont say i wont go into politics 100%

The latest developments of Boss Stewie's campaign ...

He says I think i wont go into politics, i dont think i want to be fehmes, but i wont say i wont go into politics 100%

But according to the public who gave 10 votes, 7 said he should.

And the other 3?

1 vote came from tim himself - doing the lingam thing

"no lar... i where got want to be fehmes"

another vote was being very patrioticGiovani - i salute you, you must have played a big role in penang
the other vote congratulated boss for the success of Nuffnang.... *** what? *

but overall, tim had 2 thirds majority which means it is positive
but now, Boss Stewie is on his thinking cap again ....

because of this

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I just got off the phone with Boss Stewie after a very, very lengthy conversation and he's finally admitted his interest in politics and his genuine desire to be the next blogger in parliament.

In our phone conversation, we contemplated how Arnie succeeded as Governor of California and how blogger Jeff Ooi won his seat in parliament on his inaugural attempt in the elections. We ultimately thought that for young Stewie, who's been in the media limelight and the being young entrepeneur who has pioneered the first blog advertising network in Asia Nuffnang, it wont be difficult to next head into parliament

Besides, its a hellotof time we got before hte next elections

I was quickly then appointed as the head of digital media to campaign for "The Next Blogger in Parliament"

Without waisting no time, we gathered at the drawing board and some strategies were quickly ironed out. With limited campaign funds at the moment, it made perfect sense to start raising some funds

Strategy 1 was defined. Raise funds via online donations (via paypal or CC) with a viral mechanism.

Tier 1 - The single largest contributor will be pimped fornightly by top bloggers in Malaysia which after a year, we guarantee you that you would have made twice your contribution via Nuffnang ads

Tier 2 - The hottest chic who contributes will be Boss Stewies personal secretary when he enters Parliament.

Strategy 2 - Strategy 2 was very tough as it would purely be dependent on the level of funds we raise via strategy 1. After hours trying to crack the nut, the idea finally popped. We thought that this strategy will need to roll out irregardless of hte funds we raise from strategy 1 so it will need to be cost effective & BTL.

We were inspired by Jeff Ooi, who sang rock songs to his fans - that was surely very cost effecient

And Obama's You Tube campaigns, where sluty bikinis babes (like Obama girl) expressed their crush on Obama (Surely, Boss Stewie's got plenty of hot bloggers at his disposal)

Strategy 2 was quick ironed out. We will name it "The Crush on Boss Stewie"

This is how it works. We will start to communicate the new cute crush in town (Boss Stewie) using posters and affordable billboards. And that he's currently suffering from Recurrent Corneal Erosion and if unless treated, will result in face distortion with an inproportionate nose.

We will then place hot hunks in schools and colleges with donation boxes to raise funds for treatment. All the funds raised will subsequently be invested back into the campaign.

More strategies to come. In the interim, pls contribute to ideas


The Barisan Nasional will form the next Government as it has won more than half the parliamentary seats

However, the coalition suffered some of the greatest defeats in its history

The Barisan lost Kedah, Penang, Perak & Selangor. And PAS strenghtened its grip on Kelantan

Here are some note-worthy results

1. The late Indian leader Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, lost his seat
Apart from the popular grief of the constant tol price increases, the Indians apparently had other issues with their leader

He's down....
2. Popular blogger Jeff Ooi blogged himself

and rocked himself into parliament with the Jelutong seat

Oi Jeff, i never knew you could rock?!?! haha

3. Guan Eng from DAP is the new CM of Penang, replacing Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon

Man, im proud that Malaysians are finally up for a change

The Opposition won 11 of Penang’s 13 parliamentary seats and 29 of 40 state seats.

DAP emerged the biggest victor, with seven parliamentary seats and 19 state seats while PKR won four parliamentary and nine state seats. PAS won one state seat.

The results came as a shock not just to the Barisan Nasional but also the Opposition as Penangites had thrown 90% support behind Barisan in the 2004 polls. The last time Penang fell to the Opposition was in 1969.

4. Pak la la la la... He dint sleep on election day so he made it. So did Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting and Rafidah Aziz

5. Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil & Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin joins Samy Vellu and Tsu Koon packing from their offices