Friday, March 21, 2008

Badawi to New Cabinet Ministers: Be humble with your flashy cars & huge mansions

Im blogging about The Star Online again...

As much as they're super pro somebody and they pretty much skew ALL their news to look good for that somebody, sometimes they slip without knowing it actually doesnt sound that good. Or its the ministers that slip and they're just blindly, blindly quoting

TOday on Star Online, there's this popular news entitled -

New ministers: PM’s reminder a timely one

This kinda headline on Star is really no surprise right?

Nvm lets get to the point...

The Star Online:
Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Minister Datuk Noh Omar said they were reminded to go down to meet the people because they (the ministers) were once the rakyat before becoming the wakil rakyat (representatives).

“We were reminded not to be arrogant and be pre-occupied with having flashy cars and huge mansions"

How i interpret this is : -

Badawi: To all you ministers, especially the newbies. It's ok to own flashy cars and big mansions, just dont show it off to the public.

Des: But how do all ministers get to own flashy cars & big mansions?

Badawi: Thats what i say..... i dont care if they own... apa tu... mansion... but as long as they dont show it to the public

Des: But my question was how at the first place they can earn such luxuries

Badawi: *pissed* I already sayyyy... If ppl like you know, you make noise. So i urge all the ministers not to let the public know that they own flashy cars and apa tu... mansen...

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Anonymous said...

Lame interpretation. He's just responding to criticism. You are taking it out of context. Furthermore the blog distorts the original story. "Please don't be preoccupied with having nice cars and mansions" isn't the same as your title and the blog post. Your post indicates all of them have it. There's a fine line between satire and lame, and this falls into the lame category...sorry.