Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was in Japan recently and although i didnt enjoy my day tours to the various sorts of temples - like the golden temple, the love temple, the temple-looking castle, the temples which are actually shrines, the temple built on stilts and the more popular Kiyomizudera temple (picture below - i think) which i think is the one built on stilts -

I enjoyed learning of their very interesting (some bizzare) culture. Like when you celebrate a birthday is Japan, the man needs to present the cake to the birthday lady (and vice versa) while holding a beer can with his left hand.

The girl in response, as a sign of gratitude, is obliged to express extreme surprise (like saying - OMG Jerry-ato, why did you even bother with my birthday... but im SOOOO happy!). You know, Japanese practise the art of expressing their feelings in quite a bizzare way.

Japan is not only the land of the rising sun, but the land of bright shining lights - so bright, you turn black

When you eat at street stalls in Japan, you buy your meal ticket from a vending machine. And this is really something the Japanese are so obsessed with - VENDING MACHINES. These vending machines sell ice cream, drinks, ciggies, alcohol, used panties, food coupons and you name it... one day, you prolly see geishas coming out from vending machines.

Japanese women hate it, i mean hate it when they see men enjoy their food, especially when its Tako Yaki, which is a serving of Octopus balls. Maybe they play with it alot, so get insulted when you eat it.

Sorry, Tako Yaki is actually baby Octopuses wrapped in flour balls. I still cant explain Marilyn's expression.
In Japan, I saw a nice SL600 wrapped in swarovski crystals. The interior had a gold platted sterring wheel and cup holder

In Japan, never take pictures when you're boarding the MRT, or LRT or whatever the Japanese call it.

For the women get PISSED OFF at you. Because when you take pictures in the train, it is believed that the dead (from train accidents) will come in the train and rape all the women.
I found this quite bizzare - ladies getting pissed off at you in the train - so i took this picture to remember this pretty weird incident

In the shrine, when you're wishing for whatsoever kind of luck, this is what you gotta do. First wash your hands with a wooden ladder.

Then hang your wish on a rack. One thing, though. You need to put on a globlin looking face so the gods get so frightened they grant you your wish almost immediately

This Indonesian guy travelled all the way to Japan when he heard of this (coz he's got a really ugly face) so his kids could get an Audi A4 and a Misubishi Evo X and so despite his really ugly face, he finds a girlfriend.

In Japan, you push the girls around in sheltered motorbikes

In Japan, when you're posing for pictures, you NEED to act cute.

If you think its only for the younger girls, NO. Even the old bitches gotta act cute.

Oh here's a vending machine selling ciggies that was supposed to be posted higher up in this blog, where i was talking about vending machines

Across various countries & cultures in the world, ive came across people chucking coins into ponds, fountains, wells, and other water substances for good luck. But in Japan, ppl throw coins at a rock

At the golden temple in Japan, the person with the sharpest nose gets a glow in their face

The whites in Japan......... i think id rather spare this.

Vending machines again............ Oh but this vending machine is very special. If you're feeling freezy, you can buy a dosage of fire to warm you up. See Jerry checking it out. He had frozen hair before the dosage

Houses are really small you hear your 16 year old neighbour having sex.

Trees are beautiful in Japan

You will rarely see spoons in Japan because men look more macho drinking from their bowls. And Japanese women absolutely love to watch men drinking from their bowls