Monday, March 17, 2008

I still cant get over the elections. Maxis.....

This is a very interesting fact, I unfortunately only found out tonight after reading screenshots by Jeff. Indeed, it'd be suicidal for Badawi to doze off again in this reality

3 + 1 states, and over 60% of national GDP

Did you realise that Penang, Perak, Selangor and, to a certain extent the KL Federal Territory, contribute over 60% of the national GDP? In addition to Kelantan and Kedah, they have all fallen like ten-pins to the non-BN coalition.

It would be suicidal for Abdullah to sleep on this new political reality. His own party will throw him out, alongside the Son-in-Law, sooner or later. But democratically speaking, it's entirely up to the national delegates of the Umno to decide during the forth-coming party election

And i thought Maxis should take note of this.
Consumer feedback fresh from Parliament..

Jeff: Maxis Wireless Broadband? My foot!

My office is on the 28th Floor, Komtar. For security reasons, I decided to use the Huawei/HSDPA-powered wireless broadband. The Maxis version couldn't move the packets on the 28th floor. I bought a Celcom/Vodafone version of the same 3.6Mbps application, and the packets fly!

It's certainly Celcom territory in Penang!

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