Thursday, March 19, 2009

White water rafting, anyone?

There is white water rafting in Selangor. I was surprised... very.

I thought the Malaysian government loves oil so much they coat all the streams, rivers and oceans in Malaysia with oil, build the empire state petronas twin towers, chill at the penthouse, smoke some marijuana and just admire how much wealth there is in Malaysia.

It makes them so blind they think we will end our year with only a 50K unemployment rate. Bullshit! As it is now, the unemployment rate is already more than 100,000. However, instead of focusing on the economy, they spend all their time over a hapless tree in Ipoh. Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

Anyway, back to what i was gonna write, i was actually excited bout the rafting trip because i checked out videos on you tube and it looked pretty dangerous. i like. We were going for grade 4 rapids. They call a grade 4 rapid a banana fall or something i really cant remember.

Anyway, off we went in tight life jackets (for me at least) coz there was only 1 size - i felt really gay.

Before we went on the raft, we had to do a ritual, so our boats dont capsize later.

We had to pick up our pedals, shove and kill the invinsible stream monsters in front of us.

They were brutally man-slaughtered and their life jackets fell on the ground in front of us, we were victorious!

Wan Lih (far right) flexed her muscles watching me whack the stream monsters, showing her support. Lee Fen (2nd right) watched in horror.

The streams were now clear. Before we got on the rafts, we went for a stream ride to get ourselves acustomed to the water temperature, it was morning then so water was still pretty chilly.

We walked a kilometer up, walked down the mudy & slopy bank to get into the stream.

Threw ourselves in the water, with life jackets helping us stay on the surface, floated down the stream. We feasted our eyes on the lush rain forest, tuned our ears to the crickets, birds and the sound of nature, and breathed the air that is freshly produced from the surroundings, no carbon manoxide and and no shit like that. It was an enmeshing experience, fucking priceless.

I did it twice before we got on the rafts for the rough ride. We were split into 3 - 4 teams so enjoy the pictures of the different rafts.

These were just grade 4 rapids, and im keen on more challenging ones.
They say, we get the roughest rides on slim river.

ANYONE IN??? It's RM170 / pax plus breakfast & lunch.
We are paying river guides, who's rafts we will ride on.


Boss Stewie said...

judging on what happened to Lee Fen, if I go I think I'll wear long sleeves and jeans

then again, when it gets wet i'm gonna be so uncomfortable....

ahlost said...

Looks so funnn!!

I wonder if Kuching has this too O_o

Vlioxo said...

er.. Sorry , can i get more info on this place ? any contacts or where is it located ? It's stated selangor but where ? can i get more info. Thanks so much.

Jenny said...

Try river boarding next time. It's much more exciting! Tried it once and highly recommended for dare devils!

des said...

Tim: My skin is totally burnt from the rafting trip, peeling off right now.

Vlioxo: These facilitators (river guides) are not stationed at the stream. Their office is at TTDI. Khersonese Expedition Sdn Bhd. No. 41 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13

Jenny: Looks fun!! they got it in slim river too, definitely my next destination

Pork Chop said...

YOU!!!... splashed too much water on da sisters....

Vlioxo said...

Thanks for the info des. So it means i have to settle everything there at the center at TTDI before outing with frens to that place right ?

IT means i pay there and arrange at the office how many people are going and tell them how many boats i need and something like that is it ?

do they have a number ? thanks so much. er.. where is the stream ?