Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heineken Green Room @ Earth Hour

Yesterday night at 8:30 - 9:30pm, hundreds of cities in the world comprising tens of millions of people voted 'earth' by switching off their lights, making a bold statement about their concern of climate change.
Kuala Lumpur also participated in a small way (in the perspective of low public participation) but at the same time a big way, in the perspective of corporate participation
The lights of the Malaysian icon, the Petronas Twin Towers, were switched off.
Media companies like Astro switched off some radio stations. Some websites were also turned in-active periodically to show support and raise awareness of Earth Hour.
And while as many people tried to indirectly conserve energy by switching off their lights in Kuala Lumpur, Heineken blasted away Green Room in Orange Dance Club. Green Room in Orange Dance Club.

In case it doesn't sound very familiar, Orange Dance Club is situated right behind the Borneo Baruk Club, on Jalan Kia Peng. Well, not like thats gonna help either....

Worse is, i've never been to Orange. But the map i sought from Street Directory, plus some diriving experience now in KL, and the green light projections on a huze vertical 'bunting' placed right outside the club, helped me locate the place.

There was also a massive projection placed outside the club entrace which had no audio and was a documentary-like video featuring one or two local acts. I think i saw kinky blue fairy featured on it too. Had completely no idea what it was about.

On the inside, they placed Heineken light boxes at the entrance - very rave-looking, very energy-emitting, very sharp bright light boxes. i like.

When i got there at nearly 11pm, there was an alright crowd, not that great but substantial. So i could easily wiggle my way through to the dance floor which was then still vacate. Maybe about 25 people, or less. It grew eventually though.

The dance floor gave my sight access to the electro setup at the dance floor. There were four revolving crosses hung on the ceiling with light projections fiercely beaming at them. The DJ console was placed higher than ground level so the DJs were prominent to the audience. There were also projection screens behind the DJ console with artistic laser images. Very nice electro ambient to compliment the performance.
After checking out the dance floor, i had to do my rounds of PR. So had to go do a few pats-on-the-shoulders, shake a few hands, kiss a few cheeks, say a few his to colleagues, Heineken clients, ppl from other advertising agencies, media owners and friends.
Managed to capture 1 pic, thanks to Jojo, with Daniele from Pixel Media & Pearly from Star Publications.
The Heineken bottle was very precious to Daniele so he wrapped it with a serviette and it created a higher friction with his fingers and this ensured that it didnt slip off his hands. I, on the other hand, was very familiar with how to hold the bottle in front of cameras ;)
After the PR'ing, we were back at the dance floor to check out the DJs, from DJUMA Soundsystems, apparently the crowd puller.
I liked the DJs. They were very vibrant and energetic. They moved, they banged, they shaked with the music, they spoke to the crowd, they engaged the crowd. DJUMA is also a very likeable combination of a tall slim blonde guy and a short stout bald guy. If i didnt hear wrongly, they're from the Scandinavians.
For sure, they moved alot with their music, very into it, very passionate about it, well done.
This is the slim guy talking to the crowd & stout guy stealing a sip of whiskey. I bet he wished that Heineken brewed Whiskey so he can leave the glass openly on his console.
This is blonde man spinning and bald man four-finger-poking the air and shaking his ass.
Very entertaining pair. When is the next Green Room?

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