Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quality of education down the drain

Last week, i heard a commercial on radio. A commercial paid by a college to run on Hitz.FM. And i swear, this commercial went (not in exact words, neither exaggerated) "Sign up to Brickfields Asia College now and graduate 2 years earlier"

This morning, i heard another commercial on radio - also paid by a college to run on Hitz.FM. And this went (im not 100% about the brand but its 100% the product) "Want a Sony Vaio laptop? Sign up to Olympia College today"

Now is it just me, or i think the above commercials are really fucked up and it just sends the quality of education (in Malaysia at least) down the drain with a big splash.... *SPLASH*

Fucked up not because the institutions paid the radio station to run their ads (its just business), but fucked up because the government approves of this commercials.

Tertiary institutions, like any professional bodies (lawyers, doctors, architects etc) should be banned from advertising because they offer professional services.

And nothing, nothing but the quality of education you offer, should be what you should promote yourselves on - NOT laptops, or express courses.

And not on mainstream media, but through word-of-mouth from your students (ambassadors) who have graduated from your institutions.
Im trying very hard to imagine how the world will be like if everybody is allowed to advertise.

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