Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's with Japan and being cute?

In Japan, everybody acts cute when they pose for pictures. I mean everybody. The boys and girls, teens, youths, adults, aunties with 3 kids, like this...

They act cute so much it becomes a norm to see ppl act cute in Japan. Such a norm it can become contagious. In the sense that even the tourists take the opportunity to very seriously act cute (without having to be ashamed) for once.

Doreen Tee's act cute pose:

Now if you think only the girls got it, NOooooo. Even my room-mate got it, Jerry Lim. And really badly. He became seriously addicted to acting cute, he acted cute in all the pictures he posed for.

Paul got it too

Anyway, i was very lucky to have had the chance to have dinner with Asia's young entrepreneur of the year, Timothy Tiah. At Mizu TTDI.

I must say i liked this restaurant, the service and all was pretty good. And it certainly reminded me of Japan. Well it is a Japanese restaurant afterall but it just brought back all the memories

We walked into the restaurant and there were ppl yelling at us in Japanese from all angles - the bar, the door, the kitchen, with smiling faces though. So you guess, they're trying to greet you. heh

And they were all trying to act cute, even when they were not posing for pictures.

We then ordered our meals and the apertizers were served first. And this again reminded me of Japan. In Japan there is this very bizzare culture of getting very obsessed with decorating food. Like they can craft out a cute Ultraman figure with just ginger just so they can put it on a slice of fish so the fish looks more appetizing.

This is the apertizer we got in Mizu.
Now what's with Japan and being cute?