Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yahoo day out

Last weekend, i was also at the Yahoo! day out and we went to play paintball in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

We played 2 games - capture the flag & capture the fort.

Capture the flag is where you're split into 2 teams - one based in the south, the other, north.
Once the battle commences, you will need to rush to the middle and raise your respective flags. The flags are stationed in the open so will need to risk being an open target when you're at it.

Capture the fort also involves 2 teams. The first stationed in the fort and the second given the objective to secure the fort - like the CTU

The arena was pretty alright - in a natural forest so you're practically running on jungle tracks and have trees to take cover, but their guns are like waterguns.

You see an enemy, you shoot and your bullet dont even land on his feet and this is just like 30M away. And single shots... the fuck. So the whole time i was just pointing my gun up so hopefully the bullets can land on my enemies feet.
The guys from Yahoo on the contrary bought & brought their own assault rifles - Carbaine / AK47 compatibles in the paintball field. One of them, Pete, carried shell containers strapped to his kevlar. So i was pretty much shot like a palestinian when i front-lined the 'capture the fort' mission. Their guns were so good and it didnt help with them chickening in the forts.
Anyway, if you want stronger guns, go to the arena in Sungai Buloh, they got more macho guns there or be prepared to dump RM2 - 5K in purchasing a good gun. The environment in Sungai Buloh is not as good as this but.

But anyway all in all, we had a pretty good time. There was food, alcohol and stuff too so cheers to YBR. We were even ferried to Holiday Inn Glenmarie after for a spa + massage session. Well done.

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