Monday, March 30, 2009

Steamboats (non-Halal)

Due courtesy to my Muslim readers. I'll be writting about a particular food you cant eat so if that offends you, i suggest you do not read on. Im not implying that you may be sensitive in a negative way but its just the sensitivity of even saying that word in our country, the language enforcers even came up with an alternative name for it which doesnt sound so sensitive - khinzir. So dont fucking blame us LOL. Anyway,

Can you believe that steamboats has got so much history behind it?

I thought it was just some mum who threw all the food into one pot, pissed off coz her husband slept with his secretary, and eventually finding the meal to be magnificently delicious they rebonded with each other. And they found Steamboat!

Anyway, there is alot of history behind steamboats and it dates back 100 decades, with its tradition originating from the nomadic tribes of northern China. And there are even variations of history from Beijing, Sichuan, Chengdu to Yunnan.... behind a fucking meal LOL

Anyway, what actually triggered my curiousity of steamboats is when i was attending this brand induction with a client of ours (who's now migrated to Ireland) who actually used up his time to explain the history of steamboats. Odd but very interesting.

The story he told us was a very unique one. A story i dint come through when i was reading the variations of history from Mongolia to Beijing, Sichuan, Chengdu to Yunnan... etc
I could'nt even find it on Google. Google told me that the steamboats were invented by John Fitch and Robert Fulton. I thought the names didnt sound very Chinese so i thought steamboats could mean another thing and so it did.

Anyway the story this particular client was telling us is that the steamboat actually symbolizes unity, because when there is a Chinese reunion dinner we tend to sit on a round table. So the steamboat, which is actually round represents this unity.

Round in Chinese (Yuan) also means fate - you are fated for this reunion.
Stemboats are also hot, so that translates to warmness in the relationship between all the people sitting on that round table.

Steamboats also allows you to throw in god knows what food into the pot. And yet after the food is cooked, you can take out what you feel like eating. So that represents a round table of people sitting down together (a pot with alot of variations of food) and yet can have their own perspectives and be from different walks of life (you can take out what you feel like eating)

At this juncture of time, i had absolutely no clue what impression i should be drawing out of this client. It's an amazing story (complimented with his added physical expressions), this was supposed to be his personal introduction, and i was trying REAL hard to tie back a steamboat to his personality. Anyway

I had steamboat on Saturday night, not because of history, but more of i wanted to eat pork. And i know this place in The Curve, called FIREMAN. And again i have abosulutely no fucking clue why the owner named his steamboat restaurant "FIREMAN"
But i just absolutely love the pork they serve. Plus you have a barbeque area in the middle of the pot - the oil from the meat you barbeque drips into the soup in your pot.

Furthermore, they give you these 3 slices of pig fat, which smoke it produces, is just awesomely appetizing.
So appetizing i had to take a picture with it.
The pork i was mentioning is very fresh and very thinly sliced.
So being there for the pork, and eat all you can, me & jojo consumed like 6 stacks of it.
Freshly barbequed pork
And at RM19.90 per pax, its just so amazingly cheap! Good recommendation for a steamboat outing.

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