Monday, January 7, 2008

Sex Ball in Wodonga, Victoria

We're going back to 2003, when life was a literally ... easy
No school, no work - just all laid back, all chill-outs. Booze in the winter, booze in the summer.
And this was Albury Wodonga, 2 towns that part New South Wales & Victoria

I remember haloweens, booze parties, boys parties, girls parties but i certainly have not been to a sex ball. And fortunate enough, i was at the right place, right time

La Trobe University's Sexual Deviant Ball

I was like yo motha fackers, the world's finally made some sense now

So obviously i went ... ... in a Travolta suite and i thought i was gay enough before this black, or maybe Indian confused bride came to hug me.

Who else came...

Sexy whores in nurse suits. Red bearded fat nuns? An a one eye jack in a suit?

Pimp on drips

Santa's naughty little helper, properly dressed for the winter occassion (the down part at least)

Bitches who were more straight to the point
And hey they do it! they do it! and it again and again trust me.
They f*ck for money, they f*ck for pleasure, they f*ck for love
But hey, this guy will fuck for somethin else

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