Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ad Tech Beijing 2007

More from 2007 - Beijing

Before i set foot on native China soil, people have been telling me stuff about China

1) People spit around like its a legal requirement
2) People dont shut their doors when their shitting in the toilet
3) People pick your pockets when you're trying to bargain with the stall keeper
4) When they stall, they curse the blacks. They go "neigerrrrrr". If you dont know what i mean, you should watch this -

Anyway, when i got to China, only number 4 was valid.

That aside, China was far more civilized and advanced than what people say. My Chinese descendents also tell me that Chinese are very "kia su" and i wasnt wrong. The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the 7 wonders of the world because the soil used for its foundation was claimed to be holy soil - China had no holy soil but they put 2 towers lean towards each other. In case you didnt know, this is the upcoming CCTV building in Beijing

I was actually in Beijing to attend Ad Tech Beijing 2007, an internet advertising conference welcoming delegates from all over the world

We met up with our Singapore counterparts like Ben, Yew Leong and Cecile. I was there with a close colleague, Ai Ping

We were also warmly welcomed by the Pixel team and i must admit, they had 5 star hospitality ;). In the picture is Pixel Media CEO Kelvin Huang, MY sales director, Daniele Wong, Melanie, and Lilian Hor from Green Packet

In the Chinese tradition, food symbolizes wealth and health. In any eventful dinner, food must be over-served to symbolize an abundance of food that will endure us throughout the year. Its also about being polite to the guests. Pixel media invited us to a 'Yun Nan' meal and i must say i was flattered with their "politeness"

This was just the appetizer

Followed by fish soup served in a bowl, the size of my washroom basin. I'll let you imagine the main course.
In Sarawak, where i was borned, we experiment alot with our food and the menu can be quite exotic. I've had in my life, dog meat, iguana meat, bat meat, snake meat, dear meat, turtle meat, frogs leg and so forth. When i was in China, i realized that i was far behind.
Can you imagine eating sea horses & scorpions on skewers?
And lastly, this is a place where everone goes to, the forbidden city.
The forbidden city was the Chinese imperial palace from the mid Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.
President Mao Tse-Tungs protrait on the main gates is pretty wicked

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