Monday, January 7, 2008


I've recently been to Bangkok.

Besides the nasty haze in town, i thought the culture was pretty awesome
When i stepped into Bangkok city, this is the man i wanted a shot with, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He da man!

He's the ruler who invaded his own land with tanks and shit, ousting his late prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who eventually went on to take over Machester City with more than 80 mill pounds. And now, its all cool. Talk about cool culture yea?

Besides, a couple of things you'll definitely bring back from Thailand are like their taxi rides. Or what they call tuk tuk rides

If you havent been to Bangkok and you go on a Tuk Tuk and the driver wants to take you to a ruby shop, or diamond convention, or any jewelery related outlets and tells you that today is the last day of a huge ruby sale in Bangkok when jewelerers travel from all over the world, sometimes from outta space, just to be there to buy the finest rubies in all mankind and if he wants you to bring you there, i say you say NO coz that's all cockshit.

They get petrol vouchers from dropping tourists in those outlets. Im not ashamed to say this but i ended up in 5 different jewellery shops, each of them claimed to be open for the last day in 2 centuries

The other thing i dint forget bout Bankok was a tour guide in the Grand Palace

He said "Bangkok must not be forgotten as a third world country but once a rich civilization. If you dont believe me, you can check out the amount of gold in that temple".

I was like wtf, when i was in istanbul, they had prophet mohammads sword and st john the baptist's hand preserved in their palace and they dint boast about it

Now how about the world's tallest standing Buddha? We have the longest sleeping Buddha, they made it stand and it becomes the world's tallest, well done.

What say we make the world's strongest leaning Buddha?

But what i really dint forget about bangkok was my meals. They were heavenly
Ive never liked seafood until i stepped foot in bangkok - to that extent

You know why lobsters in Thailand taste so good?
Coz they aint exactly lobsters...

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