Friday, January 11, 2008

Chrysler 300, engineered beautifully

I came across this Chrysler campaign on You Tube with the tagline "engineered beautifully" and i must say the tagline reflects not only the 300 but also the execution of this online campaign

I've posted the above link to some of my friends, and ive seen some very intrigued responses.

It sparked immediate interest especially with one of my mates who runs a business selling vintage japanese guitars and who is also thinking of an internet setup to promote his guitars.

However, his interest was subsequently killed when he thought of the cost that's gonna be incured to setup a similiar campaign

Well, that is really the magic of this campaign. Perceived to be posh, but the actual and only cost commitment to this campaign was only the spot on You Tube's homepage that drives traffic to the contest platform, which leverages on You Tube and which is totally free. You just need to create an account and customize your personal page, then drive traffic there

Even the ambassador Chrysler 300 adopted was their own vice president of design & specialty vehicles, Ralph Gilles. By the looks, he's the pimp, the Dr Dre, the perfect image for the pimp ride, Chrysler 300

Not only is it cost effecient (relative to hiring Snoop Dogg or Justin Timberlake), but its proven to be an effective way of marketing. That's why you've been seeing so much of Tony Fernandes & Shazali Ramli in the media

In a nutshell, this campaign is a mix of leveraging user generated content - inviting normal consumers to be the brand ambassadors. Not only you save on production cost, but normal consumers provide genuine & credible testimonials for your brand. No fees required for adopting celebrities, instead their own VP from Chrysler. They did not even need to pay hosting charges or buy a domain name as the platform fully leverages on You Tube, the leading video network globally. Best of all, not a tickle of harrasment / intrusiveness and yet caught my attention big time.

Besides the campaign, the Chrysler 300 is a real beauty. The Mustang of the 60s

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