Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heineken Green Room 3

Thank God they went back to Zouk. Orange isn't a suitable club to host such exclusive events. Anyway, im proud i attended all the 3 Green Rooms, which is pretty much all of it. I've dropped out from Artistry parties because they create mega traffic jams & you kinda need to park 1km away and walk there. And I ain't a big fan.. ain't a fan at all of free alcohol parties. So it makes the walk & wait totally unworthy. At least Zouk, you get ample parking, you pay a couple of tens for a bucket of beer but hey come on, don't be a cheap-skate and expect free drinks all the time.

Anyway, Bling & Goldfish was spinnin when i got there.. not bad, nothin impressive. The ice cold Heineken was very nice though.

Now gettin these 2 buckets of beer on the table for my colleagues & partners wasnt easy. I went to the bar, asked for 10 bottles and the 2 bar clowns tried to ask me to donate 2 bottles to both of em. I could tell, that they were newbies - fuckin tryin to get drunk while on the job.
Zouk - if you see this, i ain't blammin you, just your staff.
And because i was in a really good mood, i just wanted to get the bottles on the table and start drinking, i tried to say no but the 2 baboons begged me. I then negotiated and offered to donate 1 so they could share. They took it... fucking prostitutes.
The newbies didnt open the bottle caps too but i just cudnt be bothered. Got Edmund to take the caps off wit his teeth. Ugly sight but pretty impressive.
Then Filthy Dukes came on and kept me entertained from there. They're pretty alright i must say.

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