Friday, August 21, 2009

The state i live in now, Selangor

More than a year ago in March 2008, the Barisan Nasional coalition - who has ruled the federal administration for more than 50 years - lost Selangor, the richest state in the country, to the hands of the opposition.

And that was when things started to get interesting.

The transition of power was not literally just a transition of power. The transition of power also meant that the former opposition now gets access to all pass records - monetary transactions or not - everything.

This became a big leverage for the opposition to topple the federal government, which has strongly been linked to corruption, cronysm, conspiracies, scandals and more scandals.

Things started to leak -

Starting with the misuse of state funds by former MB on family trips to Disneyland in Tokyo and such... supposedly worth millions of ringgit.


The Selangor Menteri Besar's office:
revealed that the Barisan Nasional state government made unauthorized investments for properties in Mecca, Saudi Arabia worth RM17.5 million in 2007.


Azmin Ali:
The Director of PNSB only authorized the buying of 5 units of apartments but instead 12 units were bought and they were registered under a personal name. Seven of the units were then sold back to an identified person and there was no official receipt to legitimize the transaction.

If that already sounds bad to you, let me tell you that that was only the teaser campaign. The culmination of the series of 'leaks' was the revealing of Istana Khir Toyo, as termed by opposition supremo Lim Kit Siang, worth tens of millions of Ringgit.

Right in front of the eyes of all Selangor citizens. And all the Selangor citizens just closes an eye and live through the days of hell, working their socks off and putting porridge & salted fish on the table. Do you never wonder why?

I lived in Australia for a few years in Uni, and i saw hardworking blue collars in Australia drive expensive big bikes and eat whole pigs each in Chinese restaurants.

You ever wonder why your hard work pays you so little?

Anyway, I am derailing. Back to Istana Khir Toyo.

Courtesy of some aerial photographs that were posted online:

The revealing of the photographs was only phase 1 of the campaign. Quickly after phase 1, the opposition party at least prompted the interest of some rural folks to want to see the Istana Khir Toyo for themselves. When the interest was brushed up, they organized an "Educational visit" to the Istana. This was even endorsed by the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim

And that was just too necessary because a majority of Malaysians, especially those who reside in the rural areas, are still too unexposed, ignorant, and easily deceived.

As a result:

Anyway, at this point of time, i was like ahhhh... WTF. You guys (PR & BN) go dig on each other and spill out and expose all the corruption and cronysm and scandals and what the fucks not so we will benefit from the check and balance, bring more nutritious food back to the dinner table and drive more reliable cars to work & client meetings so it doesnt break down when you kill the engine registering yourself at the guard house of a client place.

And if you were neutral party reading this, im sure you'd be wondering why the fuck isnt Mr Khir Toyo retaliating? Is he gonna be an Abdullah to the vicious Mahathir?

Well, from the looks of him, i really dont think so.

Im not saying that Khir Toyo, or what opposition blogs term as Khir Toyol, is involved in this but shortly after the series of leaks and the opposition campaigns to raise awareness, Teoh Beng Hock died. Again, im not saying Khir is involved but this is just a chronology of events.

When Teoh Beng Hock died, it hit all the front pages of all media in the country. On the inaugural day, there were 2 million assumptions made



Half suicide half homicide

Accidental homicide

Accidental suicide

Homicide from internal conflicts

Homicide to stir shit

And in the midst of 2 million assumptions, government linked personals - pathalogists to labies to ministries to whatever shit went straight into the conclusion that it was suicide.

And that, for common sense, raised alot of SHIT. Alot of pecularity and alot of suspisions.

And the SHIT hit the fan when this mysterious letter was exposed. And now i say FUCKING READ THIS ->

And if that is still to be rock solid proven, this is a reality:

Note: Again im not saying that this is linked to Khir Toyo. It's just a publicly announced project to "take down" Selangor.

"Misi Tawan Selangor: Projek Selamatkan Umat Islam by Bloggers Patriot"

Im still not sure of their objectives but it sure sounds to be like they are waging some kinda holy war. Like what Palestine is waging on Israel.
I mean come on you jack asses. Is the current admistration destroying your mosques? Are they hindering your Friday prayers? and your everyday prayers at the Suraus? Are they downplaying prophet Muhammad? Are they confusing the Islam faithfuls? Are they forcing alcohol into your throats? Are they throwing molokovs or stones at Muslims?
No you fucking idiots... NO. So what the hell do you mean by "Selamatkan Umat Islam"??
This is proof that this campaign has already kicked off, and FUCKING READ THIS TOO:
What malicious & baseless accusations... for Jake's sake.
And the funny thing is that it's called HOUSE PK, in opposition of R PK.
HAHAHAH, again... grow up you little dicks.
And the funniest thing is that the blog has very prominent links to ex pm Mahathir's blog, who they dont realize has contradicted so much of what they have claimed in all its past blog posts... man, be a bit more intelligent lah....
And when the ENTIRE WORLD is battling the economic meltdown, we the citizens of Selangor dwell in all these kinda BULLLLL shit.
Hey readers, you think we're fucked or what?

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