Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday food blog

I do not usually write very long blogs and i kinda get teased for that wtf.. haha. I bump into ppl and they go, "hey i think i've came across your blog before".

And i'd go, "oh yeah? great, what do you think of it".

"Oh, i kinda remember you coz you write very short blog posts".

"Ah.. very nice. Maybe i should be on instead".

Compliment? or unsatisfaction?

Whichever it is, ive had in mind a very long blog post just for the sake of a long blog post. For this to happen, i had to consciencely remember to take pictures of food i eat for the last 2 weeks.

I call ppl "Blogger" in a negative way when i see them carrying heivy weight DSLR cameras walking in shopping malls, self snapping in unatural human poses.

When i was in the quest of this very long blog post, i was almost regarded as one at one time but i very smartly ignored & diverted the topic. Anyway, i took this pictures with my blackberry so it wasnt as obvious.

Ok, taking off now.

1) Bon Ga Korean BBQ restaurant in Mont Kiara (opposite Solaris)

Fucking good. Went twice in 2 weeks.

All ingredients are flown in from Korea by air.

Service is good. Serves beer. The only complaint might probably be the lack of more red meat options for BBQ but i was happy wit the available choices

Korean restaurants serve massive appertizers, which I absolutely love. Alot of pickles, tangy flavoured stuff, kimchi, salad, beancurd...

The duty of the massive appetizer is to make you feel so stuffed up with healthiness you feel like canibalizing a pig.

And so I did.

2) Chilis, One Utama.

Forgettable place... there's nothing in the food menu that will make you remember the place. What will, however, is how they serve Guinness Draught in a shopping mall! and from 3 - 7pm, there is a 40% price off. Drink it while chewing on some buffalo wings!

To married men, this is the place to be when your wife gets infected wit the shopping virus.

To Arthur Guinness!

3) Famous Claypot mice noodles Restaurant.
If a Chinese appetite strikes you - if you get appetite for a ton of soy sauce coated flour wit a few slices of pork meat, you can try out this restaurant at TTDI. The township wit a Maxis Service Center & Pizza Hut.. and where TTDI plaza with Bamboo 9 is.
Ever wondered why they call "Loh Su Fen", "Loh Su Fen"? It directly translates to mice noodles, doesnt sound very appetizing, but its ability to absorb tons of soy sauce & sugar makes it mouth watering. The spring onion, minced pork meat & raw egg helps alot in the taste too.

4) Oriental Kitchen, One Utama
Rainy cold day? Go for the rice wine claypot chicken at Oriental Kitchen. It comes with fried eggs too - an absolute gourmet.
You get a bit drunk after savouring it too. And pace out before Guinness Draught at Chilis, else be fucked.... unless you're Korean.. hahah

5) You kinda get this everywhere, but this is Taiwanese Fried Chicken... which is personally much preferred to Kentuky Fried Chicken, which to me should be awarded the restaurant that serves the world's oiliest Chicken... and an innovation award for oil absorbing Chicken
Pinkpau accuses me of blasphemy to KFC. But despite peer pressure & popular preference, i still stick to TFC.

6) SS2 durian buffet (near all the wedding boutiques)

D24, Raja Kunyit.... ? go to SS2. This is quite a new concept of durian dining - durian buffet!

Even durian sellers have realized the importance of the web.

7) Italianies, The Curve.
Shrimp Aglio Olio... a dish worth remembering. I go there for the bread they serve too... dip it in olive oil & some vinegar... whoa...

If you get horny after spotting a juicy japanese bitch. go chew on some Japanese beef Teriyaki at Mizu TTDI
8) Mizu, TTDI
Good beef. No comment.

9) Mizu, Bangsar Village.
Getting lazy. Yellow Tail fish... served with caviar & chili paddi... wonder what you call that in english - Paddy Chilli.... or easier - fucking spicy chilli.

10) Home Made fish head noodles.
If you believe in the grandmother saying that eating fish head makes your more intelligent, you can try this restaurant in Kota Damansara and indulge in your conservativeness.
It is however, really good! The best fish head noodles i've tasted in town.
It's located at the side facing Giant Kota Damansara.

11) Cinamon, One World Hotel...
is bringing in the culture of eating cold crabs.. apparently, a pretty popular culture in Singapore, the land of a Chinese Prime Minister, 2 upcoming casinos & over-efficiency in a positive way.

Wide variety of food.. from Italian to Chinese to Malay to Japanese to whatever's popular in Malaysia.

The third time i went to Cinamon, i had not stomache problems after. So eat at your own risk

12) Mamak, SS2.
If you ever craved for eating & smelling car fumes at the same time and also dodging running rats or cockroaches which could potentially happen, go to the mamak at SS2

Try the burger Ramly.... its really quite different from the other Ramly stores

or the Char Kueh Tiaw

13) Ever wanted to see a row of food stalls in a war zone? Go the TTDI night market on Sunday evenings... makes you feel like you're in Iraq.

End.. phew... 2009's longest blog post


KY said...

ss2 mamak is my regular dinner place, ah leong fried rice with the silver fish is yumss, and of course burger wan (i even have his phone number) serves one of the best messy burger special evar!

des said...

Hi KY!! Good to see your comment again. I wonder where's Tim. He hasn't been commenting for a while now, you seem to have taken his place. AHAH

Anyway, i go to ah leong for his fried kueh tiaw! best in town, to my taste la. ima try the fried rice one day, ive seen my friends havin it.

And yeah, the burger is really good

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