Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stories over a bottle of whiskey

First one's not really a bottle of whiskey, but a round of tequila pops which i've not had for a very very long time. We were at a karaoke in Singapore two weeks ago.... and unbelievably, that was actually my very first time in a karaoke in Singapore which is not surprising because i hate karaokes because the only songs you can really sing to are either oldies or Chinese songs.

Anyway, back to the Tequila pops - the first round of a dozen pops that came in, all of em were at least 3 quarter full, some of em almost full. So we went "eh... how to pop?" to the waiter and he got all confused. He went like "This is tequila pop?" and we went "yeah, but how to pop?". Totally clueless, he went to get his manager who got them replaced with half filled glasses... that was more like it... he left the room and we were ready to down the pops.

When we laid the coasters all in place ready to pound the glasses on the table, the manager suddenly walked in the room and appologized in much humbility. He said to me with a humble and smilling face "Sir, just to let you know that im gonna put this round of pops in a seperate bill" ...

I got all confused because we've paid for the previous bill and there's no way it could be in the same bill.

I wanted to go "No, same bill pls" but out of professionalism, i went "Yes, seperate bill" and he smilled back like he's hit his KPI for the

Second one's over a few bottles of whiskey last night at velvet underground. Edison Chen was actually there and he sent hundreds of heavily made up and slutty dressed girls to the club. Man, you should come to KL every weekend, Edison if that's what you can do.

Anyway, for the first time in my life, i saw with my own eyes a homo in action. He was a Malay guy in a suit and looks like he works there at the club. He approached a good friend of mine (who was with me), and who's straight, and introduced himself. My friend, as usual, entertained him and in response, the homo asked where my friend lives and before my friend could answer, he guessed it... right - Kepong... HAHAHA... my friend very entertained went "Haa? ada muka ah?"... while he was high, the homo went straight to the point - "Are you gay?" .... and then adapting to the ackward situation he went "Where are all your girl friends?" to neutralize the situation.. .. what the Fuck, did you hafta make me experience that

And i was quite surprised that Zouk was selling Scotch Whiskey and single malt Whiskey at a Rm40 variance.... we're talkin about a Chivas and a Glenmorangie. How to sell the Chivas like that?

Third's over a bottle of whiskey, which wasnt supposed to be pouring into the flamming lambo i was sipping up from. Thanks to somebody, i sipped up flamming McCalan and when it kicked in, sent me straight into a toilet cubicle. This is precisely 11 days ago on my birthday.... the fuck.

Two nights ago, again over a bottle of whiskey, despite my phobia of karaokes, I actually sang in a karaoke.... and did alot more than 1 song... HAhah wtf.... at least i wasn't dancing on the couches and spilling private stuff over the after-party supper AHHAHA.

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Huai Bin said...

Heh! I can so totally relate. Cheers! :)op