Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Imagine with me...

I invite all of you to take a look at this video. It was just shared today morning at the Eyeblaster digital day conference by a very credible speaker Rahul Thappa, the Leader of Mindshare Malaysia.


Have you seen the video?

a) Yes (pls proceed to read on)

b) No (pls watch the video before you proceed)

Have you imagined ever in your life that this is the kinda technology our kids are gonna live with?

Im sure your grandparents have never imagined that today, you can watch any video posted on the web from all over the world on your mobile phone with a few clicks. Im sure they have never imagined that today, you can watch your naked neighbour sunbathing on her rooftop in the comfort of your bedroom.

Anyway, back to the technology shown in the video - if you think about it, the technology is very simple. It's just image recognition that recognizes the gestures of your hand, or the toilet paper or the book or pretty much anything else.

And by recognizing the image, it triggers an action - whether is snapping a picture, connecting to your mobile phone to search for information, or showing you a watch. At the end of all these wonders, its just image recognition - connecting to a computer sitting in your mobile phone. So no big deal, just that the combination of a mobile & image recognition is just so vitally deadly!. Like what you're seeing now.

Of course, the final piece is the mini projector that projects the results on any screens.

This product is out in the US already at the price mentioned in the video, Nokia is launching a phone with a projector and everything seems to be coming in place to put this piece of technology in the mass market.

But can you imagine with me.....

- One morning you wake up together with your wife on bed... and she has your tagged pictures on Facebook from last night all over your naked body.

- When you wake up in the morning and your tummy is killing you, you sit in the toilet for ages and... you're reading the papers projected on the toilet door in front of you.

- One day in a work interview, the interviewer decides to know a little more about you she puts on the device. And the device (recognizing you and pulling info out from a blog post you wrote) tells the interviewer that you had a one night stand with her daughter while she was drunk last night.

- Advertisers spend 10million a year on advertising & celebrity endorsements but every consumer that walks to that advertiser's product see a red light projected on it and nobody buys it. This time around, the online influencers (ie bloggers) will be the Ronaldos & Hiltons of the current world.

- Your wife comes home late one day, you open the door and it says she just had an affair because she shared it on Twitter.

- If you're a politician like Chua Soi Lek and one day you're addressing a press conference with pretty much the whole nation watching you live and you suddenly have footages of your sex scandal projected on your white shirt - on National TV.

- You're in the army and you were sent by Bush to invade Iraq. You land in Iraq and the thing tells you that there's no nuclear weapon and you were sent there to bring the oil home.

The world's gonna be so fucked up hahaha.. but of course you can see it from many other perspectives.

signing off...

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