Monday, June 1, 2009

2 days of Freedom in Melaka

Went down to Melaka last weekend on a road trip and it was a blast, totally! Was headin down for 2 days of Freedom, a "rave" held at the A Famosa Resort. I really just wanted to experience a rave in Malaysia.

I was told not to have too high an expectation as the previous "rave" my mates attended ended up in a pool of mud. So i went to Freedom with basically zero expectations and just literally took at as it was.. and it was alright. Definitely far from Godskitchen and BassStation but on local standards it was alright.... just that it didnt fucking sell alcohol. A rave with no alcohol? it's like a sea with no fish.

But it still attracted a massive crowd, most of them at a high a level higher than being drunk and at least 70% of them Malays. Talk about criticizing international acts performing in Malaysia with short skirts, and you let your people take Ketamine, LSD and ecstacy at rave parties. nvm..........

Rave scene

Secondary DJ Console.

Primary DJ Console.

Seriously, what i enjoyed more was the after parties at the bangalows - much more than the rave party. I was at a mates place on both nights where he had his personal console and it spun till dawn ... no cops, alcohol to drugs available, massive projector screen, swimming pool, garden... definitely better than the hot, sweaty, long walk, no alcohol rave party.
On Sunday, we also managed to catch a glimpse of Melaka and what really caught my attention is the existence of the traditional looking bangalows you're quite familiar with because you've seen them in your history books.... with sharp protruding roofs and some of them hosting trishaws. Baba and Nyonya, Portugese shit.

This house's got a trishaw in it.

Even the newer developments retain that sharp looking roof... talk about preservation and heritage.

They say Nyonya food is really lavishing so we didnt miss the chance to drop by a Nyonya restaurant for some snacks

This restaurant we discovered by accident, called RESTORAN NYONYA MAKKO had best in class snacks.

Their fried tofu and a minced meat and spring onion topping is fucking delicious! The contrast of the chewy salty minced meat and the tender sweet fried beancurd just gets on your tastebuds.
The dish behind was Mango slices with some tangy sauce with lots of chilli.... mouth watering.

And gourmet chicken springroll ... or something like "lobak"... like never tasted in KL before.

And this.... i've never tasted in my life and by far one of the BEST deserts i've ever had. It's sago in gula Melaka.... and its as simple as that. But the gula Melaka (some sort of brown sugar) was just heavenly tasty and the sago was amazingly tender it just melts in your mouth with the gula Melaka.

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