Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work trip to Ipoh, Heineken Party at Sincero

We went on a working trip to Ipoh, which is about a 2 hour drive from KL.

For those who don't know, Ipoh derives its name from the a local tree called "pokok ipoh", whose poisonous sap was once used by the pre-Malay aboriginal population for their hunting darts.

Ipoh was also the administrative center for Perak during the Japanese occupation.

In the 1950s, Ipoh established a reputation as being a hedonistic hotspot for entertainment and night life with the proliferation of cabarets, nightclubs and theatre halls.

With the collapse of tin prices in the 1970s, the city went into decline. Various attempts at revitalizing the city has seen the establishment of Greentown Business Center, Medan Ipoh and a theme park, The Lost World of Tambun.

We were headed to Sincero Riverbank, which is situated beside The Lost World of Tambun.

This Saturday, there will be a Heineken UCL Party situated at Sincero Riverbank. So for those of you party goers in Ipoh who haven't RSVP'ed for the event, pls do so by texting
IPHNK NAME IC EMAIL and SMS it to 36300
ex. IPHNK DESMOND 812345-12-5432 to 36300
* Standard telco charges apply
Left to Ipoh from our office. And this is saying bye bye to Lee Fen & fourfeetnine
Off we went to Ipoh... and Ipoh we mari.
Sunway city... a township we spotted in Ipoh on our journey
And where we thought Sincero Riverbank was situated initially but after taking a round in that minute township, we couldn't locate Sincero.
We saw Sunway College instead, to my surprise. But nothing fancy, just a little institution in a corner-lot shop.
We finally found our way to Sincero 10 minutes after, its just a 1km up from Sunway City. There is a Giant located between Sincero & Sunway City. Apparently, Sincero is now the hostpot for night entertainment in Ipoh.
They say - "vely vely happening". Ah hia, how to not happening? Back got mountain, front got river - Hong Jui very good ah.

But we weren't there to party, there to just make sure certain stuff were working, in preparation for the party on Saturday.
Chief Bartender, Justin.
For those of you Ipohans who have been to Sincero, im pretty sure you've walked pass the door board, which describes this as a 'rave' party. So just to set the right expectations, it aint exactly a rave party but there will be lots of cold beer, Spaceship ft Goldfish performing, and people like Joey G (Heineken's ambassador) attending. So it will still be a fun night out.

This is probably a scene that is quite rare - Koh working from his laptop placed on a public rubbish bin.

And Edmund working from a Nestle Ice Cream bus stop... hehehe

Rum Jungle (or however you spell it) is re-launching an outlet in Ipoh, right infront of Sincero Riverbank. Now under reno. Wicked looking outlet.

There is one other thing that you can't miss doing in Ipoh. Its as important as eating hotdogs in the US, kobe beef in Japan, wine in Italy, tom yum in Thailand and beef in Australia.
In Ipoh, its known for its white chopped chicken (direct translation from Chinese) and bean sprouts. They call it - nga choi kai (bean sprout chicken) in the Cantonese dilect.
A favourite shop amongst the local community that serves the nga choi kai is this shop called low wong (old wong) which basically refers to the owners name, who's first name is 'Wong' and is probably an elderly man. Hence 'low' for respect.
So if Obama was in Ipoh, they'd probably call him - low ba ma


Boss Stewie said...

Aiyoo Desmond!

I was thinking of going to the event and I thought it'd be a nice quiet place to chill with my girlfriend but now that you write about it on your very high profile blog I bet half of Malaysia is going to be there now.

It's going to be so packed... so much for my quiet romantic night out

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