Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash '09

Last night, i was invited by Nuffnang to attend my 2nd 'blogger-party'. Sounds very technical..... but it isnt exactly what it sounds like.

They dont hold it in cyber-cafes and invite a bunch of bloggers to congregate and see who can type faster... i mean i cant imagine spending my saturday night blogging in a cyber cafe, id be really fucked if i do that.

It was instead held at Maison, near the Asian Heritage Row in KL. And instead of blogging, i had an FHM columnist (dressed up as a fireman in a music bash?) getting my ass checked on my way in. I wanted to ask if i could return the favour.......

maybe next time, judging from who she came to the party with ;) Yo Shaolin Lion, now take it easy man, put that gun down.

I got in.
And bumped into other bloggers, like Huai Bin. Man i swear if he didn't tell me who he was trying to impersonate, i'd still be guessing now.... Chow Yun Fatt? John Travolta?
no... Eminem
And no wonder he won a broom from being the worst impersonator LOL.. im just rubbin it in Mr! lol...
Fourfeetnine was like "haaaaaaaaaa? which part of you is like Eminem?"
Huai Bin then quickly pulled out his hand gun, pointed it like a nigga and fourfeetnine quickly confirmed.

My colleagues Mehlin & Yvonne. Yvonne gets paranoid about having food stuck on her bracers in pictures so she doesnt risk having her mouth taken in pictures. This is called Foodonbracers-phobia.

Tiah Ewe Tiam, Asia's young entrepreneur of the year.

After completing the peoples session, i went to check out what was happening on the stage. Liang was shouting his lungs out in a hip hop outfit and consistently putting on a Kazhakstan accent - he must have watched Borat earlier. He was hillarious though

I was at the VIP area, a level above ground floor where the stage was, so i could zoom my camera into anyone. I picked out this bunch of people who were particularly flamboyant and eye catching. Looked like the Knights In Satanic Service (KISS)
Shaolin Tiger is so tall you hardly get to see anything above his forehead. I did.

Huai Bin was trying real hard to redeem himself through the night - he raped & he shuffled and i must say it wasnt bad at all, but he still got the broom.. lol

Someone else came as Bob Marley... yeah no woman no cry.

I later in the night found out that the person behind Bob Marley is actually a PHD student, somebody on the way to obtain professorship... Dr Bob Marley
PHD in what?
Blogging. Yes, PHD is blogging.
Man, bloggings became so big they're offering PHD courses in blogging.
Next thing you know, there'll be PHD courses in Twitting & Facebooking.
These were the few people who bothered to dress up and were called up on the stage - Pink, Lady Gaga, Britney, Eminem, Bob & John Lennon.

Cindy, who's Britney, was in an extreme cheer-leeders mood, when i came down to the stage, i heard nobody but her screaming away.

She event felt a lil horny she got on stage to flex her mid-rift... very kinky
LOL and this guy... guess who.
Elvis Presley..... i thought he should have won the broom instead


dheepan said...

Oh my the elvis guy is cool!

ct said...

cindy is soooo ah-lian...omg...

des said...

dheepan - LOL yeah i thought he was very brave too. To do an Elvis with the extra baggage & tan.

ct - haha id reserve my comments on that but i was hoping she'd expose a bit more skin!

Huai Bin said...

Haha! Well, it was his outfit from The Eminem Show.

Anyway, I didn't rape anyone, I rapped. ;)

Sorry, copywriter mode - at work now.

Great meeting up with you Desmond, and also during the F1.

See ya Saturday! :)

Villagran said...

Hey desmond, parties and girls eh?how come i hardly see your other half??
Anyway see you around!

des said...

Hey Huai Bin - im sorry i made a big joke out of you on this post....LOL *guilty*

Really great meeting you too dude.. my man! ;)

Villagran - you just let the cat outta the bag

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Did I saw you somehow? ;p

des said...

Tian Chad - At the music bash?