Sunday, November 9, 2008

Malaysia's democracy at her best

25 Arrested at Candlelight Vigil. More and more repression - the signs of a desperate government

By St Low, Malaysia Today

Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua, Lau Weng San (of DAP Kampung Tunku), Gus of Fisherman's Wharf and Angela (the one who organized Seremban Candlelight Vigils) are amongst those arrested tonight at the Amcorp Mall Vigil / Bersih gathering.

Police had set up roadblocks even before 8:00 pm, preventing all vehicles from entering the Amcorp Mall area. They did not stop those walking in.
FRU trucks arrived soon after the Bersih gathering started.

Update by spectator who was there:

At first just about less than 30 of us there..but the cops were already there before us.They blocked all the roads turning into amcorp / a&w. Soon more ppl arrived. After the first candle was lit..the cop asked us to disperse..Gave us 30minutes

By then there were a lot of us, a strong crowd of 50 over, I think. After they asked us to disperse..the crowd moved to the Amcorp Mall carpark. More people gathered there and were just walking around.. very peacefully.

As soon as someone started shouting "Mansuhkan ISA, mansuhkan ISA"... the FRU units were deployed.

The FRU units pushed the crowd into the mall. Quite violently, I thought.

My friend and I were just standing near the police but they ignored us and concentrated on those wearing yellow. More trucks pulled up in front of the mall entrace, next to the FRU lineup.The crowd was holding their ground at the entrance of the mall.

Last we saw ... everyone was cornered inside the mall.

Those arrested have been taken to the PJ Police Station and a group of people have already gathered there to show solidarity

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