Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting your first tattoo

What does it feel like to get your first tattoo?

Well for months before your appointment, or even going to make that appointment, there will be alot of doubts about what to get, where to get it or should you even get it at all.

If this is what you're feeling, just fuck it because its a gay feeling. When you have the guts to think about it, just go fucking do it and dont be gay.

What matters when you get to the stage of thinking about a tattoo is a good tattoo and a good artist to ink it into your skin. Good tattoos can come from the net - they're millions of samples on the web, you just need some patience and alot of keyword combinations on Google to find good samples.

And a good artist is sometimes intangible to measure, so i reckon that the best way to judge is to look at their work on people. And good tattoo artists, you dont worry bout them just replicating the sample you found on the web on your skin - they add in their own flavour.

So in case you're in KL and you're probably too unshaggable people dont strip in front of you, so you dont ever see tattoos in your lifetime - you can try Simon from Borneo Ink in Sri Hartamas. They're the first (his brother eddie to be exact) to start this business in KL because back then no KL-ians had the balls to believe that getting inked will be a popular art culture in the future. Simon and his younger sister Lina then came on board.

BTW, they're from my homeland - Sarawak, the land which yields successful people because we eat better rice.

Anyway, here's a picture of Simon getting the tubs of ink ready for a Saint Michael tattoo on my left arm.

Here's the sketch that was put on my arm - its just a colour pencil sketch btw. Took 4 very quick hours for that guy to ink the real thing into my skin with full shadings & a cloudy background.

In this tattoo, Saint Michael the Archangel is seen holding a sword on his finishing touch to kill satan and cast him to Hell. In completion, this tattoo will be a full half sleeve.

I'll talk abit about the experience you go through. In the first 20 minutes when he actually starts to pierce the needles through your skin, you experience an itchy + painful sensation. It does not excruciate but a pain like a thousand wasps stinging you in a sec. You get slightly light-headed but if you aint gay, its really something you'll get used to after 20 minutes - from then on, you'll be cruising.

The most hurtful part comes during the highlighting, when he shades to brigthen up some parts of the tattoo so the bulging & sunken can be contrasted. During this part, just think about your most intense session of having sex, then you'll be fine. Well not unless your gay because it'll worsen up the pain.

It's been a week to be exact and going through healing now - plenty of scrabs. So when its completely healed, will have a picture of it posted up

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