Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sammy, 'the racist blogger'

From what i've just read, this blogger Sammy went ballistic when two alleged Indian youths snatched her mobile phone while she was having lunch. Consequently, she unleashed some unecessary racist remarks on her blog.

As a result, The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) has called on the police to take action against her for posting inflammatory racist remarks against the Indian Malaysian community.

Sammy, then realizing that things got out of hand, posted an official appology on her blog. Yet, there were screams from the minority to use ISA on her, aside from the many unwilling-to-forgive comments left on her blog from the overly sensitive chaps.

I cant believe that this is happening! What utter nonsense!

Why scrutinize on the words of a 22 year old girl who's no-doubt naive, obviously non-influential and not representing a people's party, when there are bigger issues we're facing that needs attention. Like the victimization of Teresa kok (by certain publications) as a villain of peace and the unlawful detention of RPK under the draconian ISA just to state 2 cases. What about Ahmad Ismail's remarks on Chinese being "squatters" ?

Why are we so stupid to suddenly have our attention diverted to such a trivial matter??? Im not citing that Sammy was innocent, but she's made an unreserved public appology. She's also been hit hard by some mainstream online publications so im sure she's learnt her lesson - the hard way of course.

I think Hindraf should back of this case because its not worth an argument or a case. They should continue to fight for the release of their leaders under ISA, which im in full support of. And not taint their image by raising such unecessary attention which contradicts their own fight for the freedom of expression.

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jonathan said...

Yes agree, why are we on some racistbuster mission when the group should be fighting against the ISA. There is so much hypocrisy in this issue with no one defending her against those vile threats and racial slurs from those reactionist responding to their emotional outburst! see Gurl Sammy Stirred A Many Hornets Nests With Honest Angry Emotions?