Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heineken Green Room is back!

Well done!

The media launch for Heineken Green Room was recently conducted in Cloth & Cleth, Changkat Bukit Bintang and as the first liner suggests, a media launch well done.

We decided to get there half an hour later from the official launch time to find ourselves half an hour early. But no worries, the beers are always a good compensation for the late arrival of the media, which is totally not surprising at all. For those in the media who are reading, we actually do not appreciate that.

While waiting, we also decided to take some pictures or what the new generation of bloggers call - Cam Whore. Btw, these pictures are stolen from Audrey's blog .. wtf wtf.

Since the pictures are stolen, ive also decided to steal some lines.. wtf wtf.

And quite differentiated from the typical media launches, where they pay a few whores to do a stage act or dance, swing their asses in front of the cameras and try to feel proud of their skin gripping outfits, Heineken launched their party by unveiling some manequins fitted in green statues. Classic aint it.

Through the manequins, you get to see artwork designed by some key opinion leaders like lap sap (which means rubbish), sex pistols (a sex toy), van she (no comments) & joyce aka kinkybluefairy (who's got an Afro now.. she was a complete stranger to me till i recognized her eyes)

This was a look through Heineken Green Room's state of mind.

Quite coincidentally, Cloth & Cleth is also situated right beside The Magnificent Fish & Chips shop owned by my CEO, Paul Corrigan which Audrey refers to as George. Because I introduced him as George to Audrey.. wtf

It's also right opposite Frangipani, where they organized the media launch for Tiger's 75th Anniversary. If you've never experienced guys poll dancing in their skin tight boxers, and nipple-poking-out outfits, here's where you go for some male bonding. Just please dont do it in front of other guys who are not of the same kind. I'll start throwing things at yoU!

Btw, im hidden in the frame on the left. Next to me, Cynthia Chung of Mindshare, someone, Ann Lim ex-MindShare, Sara from Star who appears in all media events that if you dont see her in one, it will feel like its incomplete.
wtf wtf

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