Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rome & Florence

Random happenings ...

Rome's dictator perpetuus, Julius Ceasar. Jamaica's Commander in Chief, Sasi the Don joins alliance with Desmond Kiu to conquer the world. Roman gladiators witnesses the historical event

At the ruins of the Roman Forum
The forum is set between two large arches - The Arco di Settimio Severo and Arco di Tito. Between these elaborately carved arches, lies a labyrinth of pagan temples, Christian basilicas and political building ruins. The forum was once the commercial hub of daily life in ancient Rome
Lee See Yin Passed Out!
At the early hours of new years eve, my colleague Lee See Yin passed out from red wine in my hotel toilet. He was showing me mate, Zufar how he fended off some vicious robbers who tried to rob his cell before he crawled to the toilet and decided take it easy for a bit...
How did he even end up with this position?

I saw in person, a nun in the City where the Pope lives - Citta del Vaticano
It was like sein an angel

What's also cool in Italy. Coppers ride on Alfa Romeos. And Polizia definitely sounds way cooler than Polis. They pronounce it Po Leeeee Zia.

Ferrari's are parked by the roadside

Me and Ahmar Zufar Ahmad Zahran going to church in the 2nd biggest basilica in the world, Santa Maria del Fiore. I hope i spelt that right. What are the chances of that

We came to Florence to specifically take a scenic shot from this bridge. We had time for only 1 shot before we had to run back to the bus which was eagerly waiting to take off to Pisa
This chic made it a lil bit more scenic

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