Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Benitez amuses me

Four days after their humiliation at the hands of Barnsley, Benitez insisted that his team will achieve european triumph

Prior to that, he governed his team to bounce back from that disaster against a Coca-Cola Championship side to beat a team rated the best in Europe on current form.

Fans will struggle to understand how Liverpool can produce two such contrasting performances.

And pursuant to my last blog post, this is Benitez's post game speech

'It was clearly much better than the last match, and even though Inter Milan had 10 men for a long spell, they were still formidable opponents who were organised, defended well and were always capable of scoring on the break.'

Benitez felt the red card for Inter defender Marco Materazzi was correct, and also insisted Liverpool should have had a second-half penalty when Patrick Vieira handled in the box.

He's beggining to sound like Jose Mourinho


Falcon said...

I will never understand Liverpool and their performance in the champions leaugue..I think its because they just prefer to play in an international competition..

des said...

yeah i agree to an extend but even if its not an international competition, you dont lose to a bunch of pub boys like barnsley.. hehehe i watched the game and liverpool completely dominated in the first half. I couldnt believe the final score tho