Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bush Camping by River Murray

I found some very memorable pictures in my pen drive and this is one of those experiences that tickles you in your mind for a while. As it is, im already forgetting some of the names of my mates i was hangin out wif when we were enjoyin the outdoors in aus so ive decided to write a blog post about this.

If you're studying in melbourne or comtemplating too, you wanna try out the outdoors in victoria because they can be quite a breath taking experience

This brings me back to a december some years back where we were surveying some areas for our big plans for new years where we were planning to organize a small scale rave by the river. So we tried an area in Cobram Barooga a township on the banks of River Murray. Its about just under 3 hours from Melbourne, along the Hume Highway, then following the Goulburn Valley Highway through Shepparton and Numurkah. We kinda just took a random bush track that led to the river and it took us about 30 minutes before we arrived at this perfect location

So we set up to chill out for a bit after the long drive. We were also waitin for some mates who were comin down from Shepparton. They were farm boys so they had duties to carry out before they cud set off. If you're wondering, the caravan you see below - you can get them 2nd hand ones by sourcin them thru the papers and it only costs you bout 6 grand, the lower end one.

It doesnt look that solid but you sleep well in em, better than settin up tents

The best thing is these caravans can be folded up to only a quarter of its size, which makes it easy to tow. The picture above shows the back view, the following one the front view and if you'll realise, its just an extended tent from the metal piece.

We towed the caravan with Tim's Ute, which i thought was a wicked autralian machine. They go well on roads and bush tracks with superior handling and a mean engine. Its a 6 litre generation 4 v8. So you can imagine how fast these machines can move
And so yea, we chilled out in the nice australian summer. This is Bungsie / Bunger, Garners childhood mate. The following picture, you'll see Tim in the yellow top. Like i said ive forgotten the name of the other bloke on the right Plenty of booze too....And the one thing you should know about victoria is you can get 4 seasons in a day. So we kinda had winter during that summer night but fortunately i was prepared with my winter jacket. I had plenty of advise from benjamin garner aka ben, by best mate in that particular stint of outdoor adventures

We set up a fire too to defend the cold. There are also certain regulations you gotta abide to when you set up these red flames - interesting. Rangers kinda come by in the day time to look at ya fireWe loved the place, really. But we eventually discovered even a better place that we ultimately set for the NY venue. I shall be writting about that when i next find some time
This was on the way back to Melbourne. A view so enmeshing i pulled over to snap some pictures

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