Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is it!

It's taken me 2 years to finally realize that this blogging thing aint exactly my thing. So ima put an end to all this... for a couple of reasons i will disclose.

I will also talk about the 2 years of bloggine experience. How I've started, how i got into it in a few burst of times, how i got frustrated and how im finally getting out of it.

The first reason i've decided to call it quits is because im really finding it a struggle to update my blog. Because time aint on my side, firstly. Secondly, less & less time as the years go by - not a good sign at all. Thirdly, because im too lazy to upload & resize all the pictures i take wherever i go. Because of that i dread blogging but i have the urge because my blog's still running - so you know that feeling kinda suck.

Last but not least, more people come to my blog by searching for the word "tee yam", than my own name. And tee yam actually refers to (according to RPK of Malaysia Today) datuk koo tee yam, the triad boss of Malaysia, who the "four heavenly kings" of the Malaysian triad society report to.

One day, i reposted 2 paragraphs from an article from Malaysia Today regarding this person and ever since, his name appeared on this graph everytime i check my analytics. FML

If you haven't also realized, it's not only that. More people ALSO come to my blog by searching for the word "altantuya", than my own name. FAIL. hahahhaha

And just in case you've not spotted"free gay sex"... lol FML

Now the blogging story. How i started blogging was totally from peer pressure, like smoking. Specifically a colleague of mine, Audrey Ooi... and more so Timothy Tiah, someone i've worked very closely with ever since i met him. And speaking about Timothy Tiah, he contributes a quarter of my traffic because he's linked me from his blog.

So early in 2008, when i just got back from a vacation and was still on leave and had a bad hang-over i decided to chill at home ... i started my blog. I think i wrote about 3 blog posts ... and Timothy linked me, so i got some traffic and i was running Nuffnang ads and i made like RM2+ and i thought i was on a journey to make a million bucks, and i suddenly got really busy at work i didnt have time to write genuine blogs i started reposting articles from the net i thought were popular so people would search for them, come to my blog and make me some money. After 2 years, i've made RM102.50

Anyway, if you've not already seen, i started off as "Encounters" and what an influence had on me i made my blog my own name too.

Not long after that i got into it for a while when Kenny Sia put my blog link on his short-talk. In that week alone, i got more than 5,000 unique visitors.

So i started writing a few more genuine blog posts to retain the traffic. It wasn't until 3 when i got really busy at work again.

Today, at bad times, i get about only 200 unique visitors on my blog a week. Not even retained 10% ?... lol

Along the last year, i got a few shots of motivation when there were a few strangers (like 2) who walked up to me and said they read my blog. Also had a few friends (like 5 or 6) who told me that they do the same. So i tried... again... and...

Today i thought of just shutting it down but due respect to all my followers (8 to be precise.. lol) i thought i let u know first.

I will however be Twittering still. So you can still follow me at Much shorter but much more commitment.

Cheers everyone!


Kimberly Low said...

why lah! i enjoy your blog posts infrequent they are :(

KY said...

gahhh we gonna lose one of the top 20 Malaysian bloggers? sadness!

Anonymous said...

i follow ur blog. sad i have one less blog to read but i respect ur decision! cheers ;)

Boss Stewie said...




Boss Stewie said...


Jul said...

aiyah, why? but now only i start reading... haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey desmond kiu, when u gonna start blogging?

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

sgrmse. said...

you're so funny!! what a shame you decided to give this up.