Sunday, January 10, 2010

Social Media is a Fad


Think social media (which represents the zillions of conversations on the web) is a fad? I think its far more than a fad,

So much so that my boss uses it to get people, on urgent work matters, she cant using emails.

So much so that if you put all the people in Malaysia who uses Facebook (5.8million - according to ComScore Nov 09) in a state, it will be Malaysia's largest state ahead of Selangor with a population of 5 million.

So much so that China blocked Twitter because it posed a potential threat to national harmony... now isnt that line just so fucking familiar LOL... i guess China is so big they do not want members of their "ISA equivalent" to be chasing Twitterrs everyday

So much so that Malaysian blogspots (not even counting Xanga, Live, WordPress, MySpace) are read by more than 5 million eyeballs, far more than any newspaper in the country. The Star newspaper has a distribution of about 300K.

So much so that in the last general elections, 65% of the voters who switched to the opposition had an influence from blogs (Source: ZentrumFuture)


Well whatever you're thinking now, at least its still more fashionable than building a flash website (with an overkill of branding its weaved into the pixels) that hosts a flash game with branding blowing in your face - you need to wear shades - and encourages participation by giving away a laptop with the branding engraved on the screen & battery & charger however you break it, you'll still see the branding.

And if you dont get it right now, you could prolly still sit in your cubicle because we're talking about 20% of the entire market. But in the next 10 years, there is another 33% of the national population - who are now embracing social media like eating chips - who'll lose touch with you.

Take look at this video:

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