Thursday, July 30, 2009

Was Teoh Beng Hock suicidal?

No. There was foul play. From who? i am not quite sure yet but there was foul play. But this is just an opinion and let me tell you why i have this opinion.
1. Teoh died the 'cleanest' death. No blood, body parts didnt detach, body structure still seems to be in place. Clean. You want to see what happened to another human who fell off an equivalent height? ... read on

RPK: Student Tan Kian Chong was found dead at the bottom of Apartmen Vista Angkasa in Kampung Kerinchi yesterday, suspected of falling down 16 floors. See the 'mess'. And eyewitnesses said they heard an 'explosion' when his body hit the ground while his blood was splattered right up to the second floor of the building.

2. Mr Teoh was questioned about the possible misuse of funds by his employer, a state assemblyman, to buy flags. The sum in question was RM2,400. For RM2.4K, he was questioned for at least 8 hours. A RM2.4K case was prioritized over the PKFZ and the Istana Khir cases. hmmmm... doesnt sound quite right.

3. Tan Hock Chuan (criminal lawyer) in court, "According to the first DNA report, the DNA profile derived from the swab from the back outer side of the blazer worn by the deceased Teoh Beng Hock consisted of a mixture of male DNA types from two individuals,”

4. Teoh Beng Hock - this young man had everything to live for. Getting married (on the day he died). 2 mth pregnant fiance. Good career, good family, good looking.

5. This final point has been extremely well said by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah:

(Advice: think about it from more than 1 dimension, think about what it implies)

Questions about how Mr Teoh died cannot be shut down with the usual warning that it is “liable to confuse the public” because the public is already confused. We are confused about how an idealistic young man with everything to live for can enter the headquarters of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as a witness one day and be found dead outside the next.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be swept aside with the paternalistic instruction to “leave it to the authorities to investigate,” because the death of Mr Teoh appears to be just the result of “leaving it to the authorities investigate.” It is precisely the independence of the investigating authorities that people are questioning.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be suppressed with the warning “not to speculate” when the investigating authorities were apparently able to prognosticate, ahead of their own investigations, that foul play was not involved, and some leaders appear to have special knowledge that Mr Teoh jumped to his death of his own accord.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be evaded with the low tactic of racializing the issue because the death of Mr Teoh touches us all as citizens, brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. None of us wants to live under a government apparatus that cannot be trusted to be independent and to tell the truth.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be suppressed with authoritarian prohibitions because they are about the integrity and independence of institutions that belong to the people. Those ministers who talk down to the people may have forgotten who put them into government and pays their wages, and whose questions they were put there to ask. And to answer.

To ask such questions is not to “politicize” the issue but to exercise our ownership of an issue that touches each and every one of us as citizens: our basic institutions are rotted out, and we are headed down the path of a failed state.

It is our right and indeed our duty as citizens to keep asking questions when someone dies under circumstances that put the entire government under a shadow. As we ask these questions let us accept our joint responsibility to push uncompromisingly for an overhaul of the key institutions that have rotted through under exactly the kind of authoritarianism that would prohibit discussion of the circumstances of the death of Mr Teoh Beng Hock.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taxi drivers in the Klang Valley

Today, i had to take a cab to a client meeting because i didnt know how to get there wit my car on my own.

So i called Public Cab and they took about 20mins to call me back which is not impressive, neither disappointing.

When they called me, i was already at the office lobby on my way out to flag a taxi, having lost my confidence in the cab company. Anyway, i entertained the call - giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The call then told me that a cab will be arriving in 5 minutes - cab 223. As the lady was giving me the cab number, a 233 cab drove into our office lobby reception and parked directly outside the main entrance.

So i asked the lady "Are you sure it's 223 and not 233?". And you know what, for fucks sake, she got pissed off. She snapped back "I told you its 223".

So i was like "Alright lady, 223". She hung up the phone. "BITCH"

So this 233 that was outside the main entrance was attracting alot of attention because, he was surrounded by an A6, a 7 series, 2 5 series' and a CLS 350.

I pulled out a ciggie, thinking that i got a 5 minutes break before the cab arrives. On my 2nd puff, there were 3 security guards trying to shoo 233.

But this stubborn old man kept saying that he's waitin for a call and that this guy he was pickin up was going to a place i was going to.

So i walked over, asked if he was on call and if he was going to where i was headed. He said yes and threw all his frustration on me... i was like uncle, go fuck your call centre, not me.

Anyway, i got in the car... very stuffy, sticky chair. The air cond was at the 3rd highest gear but it was struggling to breeth.

When it went over humps and drove over pebbly roads, i was fucking sure every single metal.. every molecule that makes up the metal was breaking loose from the bond. It was like the whole car would just shatter into a thousand pieces, and you'll end up doing a goldkart (on ur car seat) on the highway. That'd be quite fun, as long as you can make sure the car seat's not riding you.

Anyway, in the same day, i got another horrible experience with cab drivers. They fucking discriminate. Most of them only pick up only CBD They shud be sent to ISA

They dont stop where you can get on their back seats... they stop so they wind down their driver seat windows and look straight at you. One spitted before he said anything - man, you're a disgusting gay pig.

"Pergi mana?!?!" ... like he drives the only car in the world and you desperately need a lift.

"Fuck off"

You get that repeatedly for like 20 minutes, and you're standing under the sun right next to a fucking 10 lane highway... what a bitch.

So i decided to entertain myself... I Twitpiced. Zoomed into a wicked lookin Mini showroom and Tweeted it. Same thing i did to a building in front of me and very soon, i took a picture of all the buildings surrounding me. Still no taxi.

So i walked back into the building lobby and not because im still giving Public Cab the benefit of the doubt, it was because i didnt know who else to call, i called Public Cab.

And they still havent call me back yet. It's almost bed time now.

Anyway, fuck the taxi service in the Klang Valley. What a disgrace

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Heineken Webisodes

Watch it from top to bottom, i bet my balls you'll laugh at the 3rd one!

Heineken Walk in Fridge

Heineken Walking Fridge

Snoop Dogg Smoking Closet

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Head of the so called "Four Heavenly Kings"

The haze is back to haunt us!

Was having a meeting at the open space of McDonald's because we felt like having some smokes over a large cup of ice cold coke.

2 hours down the meeting, i started to feel sticky and sick of the smoky air .. it smelt like burnt shit. Half my nostrills were blocked with debris.

Man, what are the fuckin authorities doin bout this? God bless us

Recession, H1N1, now the haze... Is this a big time conspirac... on Twitpic

On the way to the office this morning, on a red light near my office - i saw this loan shark advertisement. Going green has become such a trend even the ah long's gone green... wtf

Ah long's gone green. Their ads on whole stretch of trees jus... on Twitpic

Talking bout ah long's, it reminds me of the head of the so called "Four Heavenly Kings" ... 'Shi Da Tien Wang'... or however you spell it in Chinese... who controls all the loan sharking business in the country.

So for those of you who are hopeful that there will be a solution to the loan shark problem, pls fuckin forget about it.

With his influence & relationship with the elite circle in Malaysian politics, the police has got no authority to detain him, let alone the guts to even think about it. He has infiltrated the executives & the judiciary - 2 very key pillars of governance.

Hence today, the solution drawn out by the government to curb loan sharking is to legalize the loan sharks so they are called legal money lenders instead of loan sharks. So the more they convert, the more they get rid of the 'loan shark' problem... isn't this such a common problem in Malaysia?

Here's a quick biography of the Boss of Bosses. Source:

Koo Tee Yam, age 45, is believed to control most of the underworld activities in Kuala Lumpur namely loan sharking, pirated discs and goods, prostitution, drugs, illegal gambling and murder. He has also diversified into many legitimate businesses such as discos, clubs, security companies, restaurants, construction and many more. Controlling assets worth more than RM1 billion, he is the head of the so called "Four Heavenly Kings" that controls a large criminal empire in West Malaysia.

Active in politics, it is believed that Koo Tee Yam has sent many triad members to infiltrate MCA, particularly the Bukit Bintang MCA division where he operates vice dens. He was so powerful that then MCA President Ling Liong Sik sent Federal Territory MCA Chief and Deputy Minister for Energy, Telecommunications and Multimedia Tan Chai Ho to enlist him in aid of MCA. However, Koo Tee Yam disliked Ling Liong Sik....

.... During the 2004 General Election, Koo Tee Yam allegedly handed over RM20 million in donations to the Prime Minister personally. The meeting was supposedly arranged by former MCA Youth leader Dato' Seri Kee Yong Wee @ Kee Ah Mat. Since then, he has boasted that the police couldn't touch him. When the previous IGP came to power, incensed with what he heard, arrested Koo Tee Yam under the ISA. The newspapers had a field day on this story. A court found him innocent and ordered him released. The police however swooped in again to arrest him.

Three days later, the Federal Court (Justice Datuk Pajan Singh Gill, Justice Datuk Richard Malanjum and Justice Datuk Augustine Paul) ordered his unconditional released citing that the detainees rights had been circumvented by the police, which is the same argument given by hundreds of ISA detainess to the Federal Court - all shot down and many spent years if not decades under detention. Was corruption involved?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why English should not be taught in Bahasa Malaysia

With all the debate, government divide, public rage & premier vs predecessor battle over the language to teach Science and Maths in Malaysia, this is a real cracker from RPK

RP Raja Petra Kamarudin

There is currently a brouhaha going on about the proposed teaching of Science and Maths in English. Some would like these two subjects to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia. I am not too concerned about Science and Maths. I am more worried about English. I feel English should no longer be taught in Bahasa Malaysia.


And why do I think that English should not be taught in Bahasa Malaysia? Well, maybe this circular from one of Malaysia’s leading universities would explain everything.

Dear Sport Friends,

Regarding about the global issue H1N1 happens around the world, sadly to be informing that our UiTM International Sports Fiesta will be postponing to 19-23 November 2009.

For all teams which have been confirm to participate in our events, we have to say sorry for this announcements and our Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health also advise to us to change the date for this current situation.

By the date have been confirm incoming this November hopefully your teams still can participate in our event and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

And again, we would like to say sorry about the date change for the sake of our health among us.

See you in this November at UiTM Malaysia!!

Mr. Mustaza Ahmad
Sports Centre
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Yes I do"

I recently attended a Google conference in a Jazz Bar in KL. Some of the top tech guys flew in from Mountain View to demonstrate opportunities with the Google Maps API (at the same time lure developers to give Google more content)

It started of with typical speeches from the people who were involved in this and it adjourned to a demo session, which was projected on the big screen. The demo required an internet line, which was suddenly made unavailable when the demonstrater was about to start.

Embarrassed but quick to react, the Google guy said - "How about we pull out our mobile phones and we'll do a demo on your own screens". And so did everyone, except me because i was the only one without a smart phone, I shared my mates screen.

With building peer pressure & realizing the potential of a smart phone, which will make the internet & emails accessible 24/7, the need arrised with little doubt. Considering the market, there were only 2 models to consider from:

1. The touch-screen, sleek-looking, application-driven and slutty iPhone

2. The 3.5G, push-mail, bold looking and muscular Blackberry Bold 9000


That kinda allowed me to already draw a line between the 2 phones... but for further convincing, i wanted some AV reviews of the 2 phones so i did some research on You Tube.

And the Apple's just far too soft for the Blackberry Bold.

Without questions, I got the BB Bold, which ive not regretted. Was just testing out less than a quarter of its functionalities and im already too impressed.

If you're a Twitterer, you'll love Twitterberry. After taking a picture with your blackberry, you can simply right click and select the option of posting the picture on Twitpic - its as simple as 2 steps. If you instant message, you can be on your MSN & Yahoo Messenger and the Blackberry Messenger all at the same time. Browing is fast at 3.5G and you can sync the Blackberry to any email account, where emails are pushed to your phone like SMSes. Far superior than any other phone i've seen so far.

My experience with the phone has been superb, but not with Maxis, the service provider. I got my phone on Tuesday nite, all eager and excited to start browing on my mobile phone and test out some of the applications.

Got the phone charges, went for a shower, booted up my laptop in-case it required registration, turned-on the phone and i was unable to connect to the internet. It required me to contact my service provider, which i did over 8 calls on Wednesday - taking up hours of my work hours which i had to replace through

After the 8 calls, they had to send me to a Maxis service centre in Taman Tun because they couldnt fix the problem. And so i went to the service centre and consulted a "Mobile Trainer" over at the mobile data booth. As part of the trouble-shooting process, he replaced my SIM card, which on that night went "Unprovisioned". So for the whole of Thursday, i was unable to make/receive calls or SMSes.

Talk about mobile browsing and Blackberry Messenger, i wasnt even able to make a call.

Friday morning when i revisted the Maxis Service Centre in Taman Tun and consulted a different guy, he fixed it in 10 minutes... by then, everything was working. That made me fucking curse the 8 ppl i spoke to on the Maxis hotline 123 and the other person i met at the service centre - you fucking waisted my time!

The operators over at 123 are also trained to be robots. "Hello Mr. Desmond, How are you Mr. Desmond and how can I help you Mr. Desmond" ... that is 10 seconds before i could even say hello. Mr Desmond, Mr Desmond, Mr Desmond and what i hate is after all that, they need to repeat and recap everything all over again with the Mr Desmonds. I was like "Hell, get to the fucking point"

Fortunately, its all good now - im still with the Blackberry Bold and Maxis. I just needed to let it out for a sec.

Redbox Karaoke on Friday Nite

We were downing whiskey last night and the TV box was playing Michael Jackson songs the whole nite. Me mates sang to it too in an usually high pitch.... fucking priceless

What was more priceless was singing Kosh Kosh Hota Hai.... hahahaha plus doin the male & female versions off the song... it was just too fucking hillarious.

And fourfeetnine doing a masculine voice over the mic! HAHa... too cute!



Guinness 250 Anniversary Media Launch at KLCC Aquaria

What a remarkable venue to have a media launch. It just stands out from all the typical media launches in nicely decorated pubs.

And this was the official opening! - 2 divers in the aquaria unveiling a banner that announces one of the grand prizes Guinness is giving away in conjunction with the 250 anniversary.

It's drinking Guinness at the bottom of the sea in a submarine pub! And of course, you're going down with the Submarine. Heck of a prize...


If you're already impressed, one of the other grand prizes in a trip to space!!! You'll be drinking Guinness in space!

And the other grand prize - is a studio performance by Black Eyed Peas to you and your invited friends only!

Fergal Murray also appeared in the media launch. He's the World Guinness master brewer, the only person holding the full recipe to brew Guinness. He's even featured on Wiki


Before the speech, i had the chance to personally meet Fergal. I shook his hand and decided to be a lil cheeky. Knowing that he's the master brewer, i went "Yo Fergal, i heard you're the man who pours the best Guinness Draught in the world" ..........ouch

Feeling a bit understated, he went ... after a 5 seconds pause... "Yes I do" .. LOL

The media launch also featured alot of Guinness bottles in the Aquaria... very nice!


We also went on a travellator which brougt us throught the history of Guinness. This particularly caught my attention... no wonder "O Kau" & "Hei Gou"

What i particullarly remembered from this media launch was also the joke my MD told me pertaining the Guinness bottles in the Aquaria.
"Now the fishes must be going pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww... Im safe! No one's gonna eat me now"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook!

Fortunately not my parents, YET. In the past months, the fastest growing age segment on Facebook has been >50. WTF? haha so that's pretty alarming.

My dad calls me on VOIP, read blogs, checks stock market & do a whole lot of stuff online. Mum books air tickets & hotels and uses Google maps online. And it'll just be a matter of time before they learn how to use Facebook (they're in their 50's too so the stats are justifying it)

But nevertheless, i got nothin to worry bout as im all grown up, dont fuck around no more, dont do shit but work everyday haha.

But you fuckers who are gonna hit your teens / youth in the next 5 - 10 years, you're in deep shit! haha. Your parents will be watching you on Facebook!

At the rate of how people are opening up their private lifes on Facebook, their parents are gonna find out when they're sleeping over their bf's place and how many different places in a year and how many tuition classes they miss because of that... bla bla bla

AND........ your parents will not only be watching you on Facebook! haha they might even engage your conversations with your friends ... be friends of your friends ... "engage" your friends? LOL... or use a sex / porn related FB application and trigger a news feed to all ur friends! haha

You really dont want your mates to start callin ur MOmma MILP! LOL