Monday, July 27, 2009

Taxi drivers in the Klang Valley

Today, i had to take a cab to a client meeting because i didnt know how to get there wit my car on my own.

So i called Public Cab and they took about 20mins to call me back which is not impressive, neither disappointing.

When they called me, i was already at the office lobby on my way out to flag a taxi, having lost my confidence in the cab company. Anyway, i entertained the call - giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The call then told me that a cab will be arriving in 5 minutes - cab 223. As the lady was giving me the cab number, a 233 cab drove into our office lobby reception and parked directly outside the main entrance.

So i asked the lady "Are you sure it's 223 and not 233?". And you know what, for fucks sake, she got pissed off. She snapped back "I told you its 223".

So i was like "Alright lady, 223". She hung up the phone. "BITCH"

So this 233 that was outside the main entrance was attracting alot of attention because, he was surrounded by an A6, a 7 series, 2 5 series' and a CLS 350.

I pulled out a ciggie, thinking that i got a 5 minutes break before the cab arrives. On my 2nd puff, there were 3 security guards trying to shoo 233.

But this stubborn old man kept saying that he's waitin for a call and that this guy he was pickin up was going to a place i was going to.

So i walked over, asked if he was on call and if he was going to where i was headed. He said yes and threw all his frustration on me... i was like uncle, go fuck your call centre, not me.

Anyway, i got in the car... very stuffy, sticky chair. The air cond was at the 3rd highest gear but it was struggling to breeth.

When it went over humps and drove over pebbly roads, i was fucking sure every single metal.. every molecule that makes up the metal was breaking loose from the bond. It was like the whole car would just shatter into a thousand pieces, and you'll end up doing a goldkart (on ur car seat) on the highway. That'd be quite fun, as long as you can make sure the car seat's not riding you.

Anyway, in the same day, i got another horrible experience with cab drivers. They fucking discriminate. Most of them only pick up only CBD They shud be sent to ISA

They dont stop where you can get on their back seats... they stop so they wind down their driver seat windows and look straight at you. One spitted before he said anything - man, you're a disgusting gay pig.

"Pergi mana?!?!" ... like he drives the only car in the world and you desperately need a lift.

"Fuck off"

You get that repeatedly for like 20 minutes, and you're standing under the sun right next to a fucking 10 lane highway... what a bitch.

So i decided to entertain myself... I Twitpiced. Zoomed into a wicked lookin Mini showroom and Tweeted it. Same thing i did to a building in front of me and very soon, i took a picture of all the buildings surrounding me. Still no taxi.

So i walked back into the building lobby and not because im still giving Public Cab the benefit of the doubt, it was because i didnt know who else to call, i called Public Cab.

And they still havent call me back yet. It's almost bed time now.

Anyway, fuck the taxi service in the Klang Valley. What a disgrace


KY said...

don't forget that your blackberry not only come with the ability to twittpic, but it has built in GPS and you can use google map with it too.

now that's exploiting technology for your benefit, young man. :P

debra fong said...


talk about fucking asshole cab drivers. There was once, I had to take a cab from college to One Utama. I got into the cab and CLEARLY STATED ONE UTAMA and I had 3 friends with me and they heard it right.

The fucking asshole, drove to Damansara Utama and I was really very polite and said,'Pak Cik, saya nak pergi One Utama bukan Damansara Utama'. And guess what that fucktard do, he dropped me and my friends by the highway like SMACK RIGHT in the middle of the highway and said,'KELUAR!'

I was so angry, and said to my friends,'WTF LA' in the cab and walked out and slammed the car door. The next thing I know, the cab asshole driver came down from his cab and was like,'KAMU INGAT KAMU SIAPA!' So we fucked him aside and didn't even pay him though he tried to get money from us.

Fucker man. I'm still angry when I think about it though it happened a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Public Cab or Sunlight Cab would not be a good choice if u rushing.. If u need to use the service of taxi again, u can try SW Radio Taxi (03-26936211) or Radio Taxi (03-92217600).. They dont offer world class service, but they hold ur call n will inform u immediately of the availability of taxi..

des said...

KY - Google maps doesnt talk to me. It tells me names of roads that i cant identify, because there are no road signs. Dude, for someone who's just lived here for 4years, its different la...

Deb - Man, i can so relate to this. But mind happened right outside the busy BB plaza mall. Driver came out and said "YOu wanna die ah?" We fucked him big time man.. and a bunch of tuff middle eastern guys joined us hahah it became fun.

Anonymous - Are you paid to do this? i must say you're very sharp.

Anonymous said...

haha, ok.. if u think i'm paid to do this, it's fine with me.. it's ur choice if u want to use. anyway, i'm just a frequent user of taxi..just wanna share.. =)

des said...

Hey Anonymous, hey sorry dude / girl? ... i was jus pullin ur leg no hard feelings haha. i so happen to be in search for such services too so u know.. just got into my head.

And thanks very much for your recommendations. I really appreciate it

Saiful Nizam said...

Hehe ...
u have funny story here ...

i know u have bad experience with publiccab

iam a publiccab driver also want to fuck them so much ... haha

the operator are fucking slow and act like a bitch.

so, i understand ur feeling and sometimes we as publiccab driver also frustrated with the operator attitude towards customer

they keep the call too long and when we received the call, customer already flag taxi outside.