Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook!

Fortunately not my parents, YET. In the past months, the fastest growing age segment on Facebook has been >50. WTF? haha so that's pretty alarming.

My dad calls me on VOIP, read blogs, checks stock market & do a whole lot of stuff online. Mum books air tickets & hotels and uses Google maps online. And it'll just be a matter of time before they learn how to use Facebook (they're in their 50's too so the stats are justifying it)

But nevertheless, i got nothin to worry bout as im all grown up, dont fuck around no more, dont do shit but work everyday haha.

But you fuckers who are gonna hit your teens / youth in the next 5 - 10 years, you're in deep shit! haha. Your parents will be watching you on Facebook!

At the rate of how people are opening up their private lifes on Facebook, their parents are gonna find out when they're sleeping over their bf's place and how many different places in a year and how many tuition classes they miss because of that... bla bla bla

AND........ your parents will not only be watching you on Facebook! haha they might even engage your conversations with your friends ... be friends of your friends ... "engage" your friends? LOL... or use a sex / porn related FB application and trigger a news feed to all ur friends! haha

You really dont want your mates to start callin ur MOmma MILP! LOL



whoaa, mello said...

LMFAO @ this!!! Thank GOODNESS my parents are totally computer illiterate.

des said...

HAHA don't just yet. When i was on Friendster 5 years ago, i had parents like yours. But things have changed in those 5 years - they're now reading blogs so it wont be long before they Facebook

KY said...

it's ok, we're just gonna laugh at you, nothing to worry. :D

E J said...

Now i don't feel so uncomfortable when my mum comes back to me with those IT questions.... juan... why this is not working, how to fix it? juan... my adobe can't update, i think there's a virus, can you format my com?, juan... & the list goes on. well, parents being IT illiterate is also a good thing after all :D