Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My 7 wishes for Christmas

I have 7 wishes for Christmas and i took some time i dont have to blog this so happy reading! I'll be touching on World Peace. Environment. Knowledge Network. Governance. Human Values. Media & God and i hope they make sense to you

1. All the Muslims in the world to unite under 1 cause. The Catholic church & thousands of protestant denominations in the world to unite under 1 cause. And the Jews to also unite. These 3 parties to sit down on 1 table and realize that they are all worshiping 1 God - i mean come on, its not as simple as ABC but Moses, Jesus & Muhammad reports to the same boss, so how difficult issit to understand that we - Muslim or Christians or Jews - we're all brothers & sisters in 1 God. Or are we just fucking retards? So my first wish is for these 3 religions to make peace & stop firing rockets & think of building nukes to kill each other.

2. Preservation of the environment. I wish that worldly events, such as "Earth Day", are further encouraged and amplified to bring awareness and education to the human race. So smokers realize that the ciggie butts they litter gets swept into the drain, drain flows in the to river, river flows into the sea - the place you wanna be on a vacation. So ignorant Malaysians don't ask for a plastic bag just to store a stick of chewing gum and then later throw it out their car windows. So the Chinese wont continue to save money & buy hair moose. So the fucking factory owners do not spill waiste into the rivers to save money and now i cant fucking swim in the river that runs by our country house.

3. I wish for the every success of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) policy. So the kids who run on the streets of Chow Kit because their mums are fucking men at home for money, so the kids in Africa who eats sand from starvation, so the kids in the slumps of India - who will never get their hands on a textbook - can see and feel and learn from the world. From the abundance of information on the net. From people in the US, UK, China, India, Malaysia and every other country in this world within a click on their laptops.

4. I wish for transparency. For governing administrations to practice full democracy and transparency in governing. So citizens dont fall from 16 floors of a building for no reason. So greedy Chinese politicians do not get away with billions in cash for building a port. So talented people do not have to be in fugitive because they are upholding the rights of their fellow countrymen. So criminals do not become leaders of countries. So race representatives do not fight for power everyday and forget their original cause. So people representative do not get away with building balinese mansions using the citizens money. So judiciary manipulators do not get away by just saying korek korek korek. And the only way we can achieve this is to have all the key pillars of administration - the executives, the judiciary, they auditors, the monarchy & the arm forces - to be independent of each other.

5. I wish that the human race realizes the worldly agendas that are plagueing them. That are immensely causing the deterioration of human values. Example 1. The persistent struggle to over-empower women. I believe in equal rights for women. But i do not believe is the over-selling of "girl power" to the extent of women neglecting their human duties of providing offsprings, just because they wanna be as capable as men. Example 2. The constant endorsement of homo-sexuals - Prince, Elton John, Adam Lambert - to persuade the human race to go against the sexual nature of humans. Examples 3. The pervalent endorsement of marriage splits / divorces. An American celebrity gets remarried at an average of 3 times in their lifetime. And that actually sounds pretty conservative.

6. I wish that the human race will wake up from their state of denial and hypnotism and realize that many of the celebrities they are adoring through the media (Madona for example) are singing praises to Lucifer and they are singing along to it. And they should pity the celebrities they adore because they are just as well victims, puppets. The next 10 times you sing along to a pop song, try and digest the lyrics and see if you find anything perculiar. If you're lazy, just go watch the Madona video clip - the one where she's in full black and she turns into a black dove & black dog. Watch the controversial Lady Gaga video clips. My friend, who studies religion, was just telling me that "Hollywood" in the Pharoan times, is a magical stick that is used to hypnotize people. Now try and put that in the "Hollywood" context. Here, i wish that there can be some form of 'human value' auditing, so our kids do not grow up to be whores & druggies & satan worshipers.

7. I wish that the world embraces God. For those who still doubt, look at yourself in the mirror. Think about every cell that runs in your body, how every organ works with every organ in your body. Think about sex - how good that feels. Look at the trees. Look at the night & day, the earth & water - how they are perfectly in harmony. Look at the flora and the fauna - the millions of species discovered & yet to be discovered. Think about all the layers of earth & layers of air. Think about re-generation. Think about growing up. Think about the human brain. Think about your 5 senses.


Now think about the human brain - fucking think about how smart and intelligent you are. Think about your analytical skills - how you react and make decisions in crucial situations. Think about your emotions, your emphaty. Think about the conscience in you, like an angel that reminds you that its not right, when you're stealing or cheating or doing something wrong.


Believe in God.


Asad Jamal said...

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melmonica said...

Des, I don't quite understand point 6.Care to elaborate further?