Monday, September 7, 2009

Who's the man?

The man who's on the large, put on the radars of Interpol, most wanted man in Malaysia has hit back at the Malaysian media with now, webisodes!

If his hands were not tied, he wud've prolly been the Obama of Malaysia, the man of "Change", the man who's embraced what the dinosaurs call "New media", what the new generation calls "My life".

If words isnt enough for him to speak his mind, he's now just shot the new generation format of TV episodes called, Webisodes. Short clips in nature to cater for this new generation of selective hearing & short attention spanned people and fucking teases you to wanna hack into his computer to watch the subsequent webisode. With that said, broadcasted only on the internet.

RPK went on the lam in April when he failed to turn up for his sedition trial. There is also a second warrant of arrest issued against him for failing to turn up for his criminal defamation trial. Despite being a fugitive, RPK continues to speak his mind and remains a thorn in the side of the administration of Najib.

Now on a less political side of things, this is like discovering tressure in KL!!! The traditional Sarawakian "dried noodles" with swine meat, minced swine meat & swine oil.


Sugarhlic said...

hey hey do you mind to share where the KoLO Mee is located? Which part of KL?

ahem` said...

omg..... how on earth did u find gan mien in KL?!

des said...

Hi Sugarhlic, ahem',

It's in PJ at Taman Megah (somewhere near SS2) - opposite Ming Tien. Shops called Restoran Bahagia.

It's operated by a Swakian


ahem` said...

Thanks Desmond! Btw, it's Jessica Voon here back from Stjoe haha. Discovered your blog from fourfeetnine's blog one day :P