Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It was a Saturday morning at a quarter to 6. Was checking in for a 7AM flight back to Miri. It's not the first time i've booked such an early flight so pls remind me of my stupidity. It was actually prompted by some savings... bout 200 bucks for 2 people but its so not worth it. so not.

To be checking in at a 5:45AM, and living in Bandar Utama, you kinda need to leave your place at 4:45AM and get the cab at your place at half pass 4AM. To be safe, so unless it doesnt come, you have the option to call for another cab.

The night before, i had to clear my work before my 4 day weekend and i didnt finish till half pass 1 in the morning. 3 hr sleep or no sleep? ... i chose no sleep but slept for 1 and a half hours. And that totally fucked me up.

The bazaar feeling LCCT and the long queue didnt help either. I was worse than dead. Was fucking cursing at everything that was a lil different from normal to me. Like ugly tattoos & pretty boys with japanese gigolo looking hair.

Finally, it was my turn to check in. And pls remind me, i could have checked in using one of the electronic booths coz i had no luggage but i forgot to record my reservation number...wtf what a fucked up mind does to you.

Anyway, back to the check in counter, passed the IC to an attendant at the check-in counter. BTW, he was a guy.. thin.. DVD seller looking, japanese gigolo died yellow looking hair - like a porcupine that's just got back from a royal rumble.

He took my IC, punched some alphabets on the keyboard and looks at me and goes "Your credit card payment fail" ... at that mood, i was thinking "failed, not fail, you fucking illeterate". But i was like "what? not possible... i have a reservation number" - just that i didnt bring it - but i dint say it.

This chinese attendant then looks at me with that expression like he's thinking "Dont fuck with me, im the one looking at the screen" and he went, aggitated, "Credit card payment FAIL".

And because he flinched, i was like what the fuck, all the way through a dead state, i just wanna fly home... so i went "so can i pay here?".... i was actually telling him i cant coz i never remember a checking counter accepting monetary transactions... its normally at a different counter.

He went yes and i went like "how?".. he went "credit card or cash".. professionally.

Very suspicious but surprised at the same time, with the pressure of the queue and the impatience and to be safe, i gave him my credit card. Nevertheless, STUPID.

BUT... i was smart enough to monitor and realized that he doesnt have a credit card terminal. I got fucking aggitated at that point. I raised my voice and i was like "DUDE, do you even have a credit card terminal here? So what the hell are you doing?!?!"

He held to the credit card, punched my credit card number into the keyboard like really fast... and said "Online payment" and gave it back to me and said "payment approved". SHIT... that really got me thinking on board the plane. for 10 minutes la before i KO'ed. In that 10 minutes, what went through my mind was like a mental masturbation.

1. A checking counter doesnt do monetary transactions

2. You cannot make a transaction online without keying in the 3 numbers at the back of your card. He didn't turn it around.

3. My credit card has a verification process at the gateway before you can pay. It will ask you personal questions that im pretty damn confident he cannot answer. no fucking way... questions like your mum's name.. how the hell will he know?

4. I got a reservation number. My credit card was charged (i dint remember this at that point of time). So how the fucking way my "credit card payment fail"... FAILED you idiot - pass tense.

When i woke up, everything came into place.

He is a CONMAN.

He wanted some cash.

He saw that i was in bad shape... no sleep

I payed for the tickets a couple of mths back so i could've forgotten bout it

He tried to see if i was stupid enough to pay cash. For if i did... i could have lost that money. Although i can lodge a complaint, it will just fuck me up again... you know, customer service shit.

If i wasn't looking, he could have take down all my credit card details.

All he had to do was to say that my credit card payment failed. EASY... fucking easy. He tried me, that mother fucker, i didnt have full brain capacity but im still too smart for you, prick.



KY said...

if i were to con anyone, i wouldn't have chosen u, u'r a big dude!

jg said...

what the heck!!! like that also can ar!? at LCCT wor!?!? airasia??? should make a complaint lar dude.

Huai Bin said...

LCCT must be really lax to allow a stranger to man the counter like that...or is he staff moonlighting as a conman?

jonathanchong said...

It's paid, not payed. And it's agitated, not aggitated.

The irony, eh?