Sunday, November 8, 2009

Robbed by Malays, because he's not Malay

It's been a while since i caught up with EJ, a friend i currently share the house rent with. On this note, im most pleased that ill be movin out to my very own place very soon - no more strangers at home, no more wanting to use the kitchen but someones using it. Not that i hated it but it just didnt feel like 'home' :)

Anyway, we caught up this morning and he told me that he got robbed on Wednesday night, at a cyber cafe situated within the Pelangi Condominium in Bandar Utama.

I wasn't surprised initially, with a robbery incident, as many of my close friends & colleagues have been somewhat involved in robberies (as victims of course) in the past months - laptop snatch, mobile phone snatch, break-into-car-handbag snatch, mum's car got broken into.. bla bla

But this was more than a 1 on 1 robbery.

This was "They took on the whole cyber cafe with Parangs"


I prompted EJ for more info.

So how was the robbery carried out?

EJ: Oh, we heard the scream of a young lady who went, "what are you guys doing", and she was very quickly pushed to her table and held to the tip of a parang. A hooded Malay guy sternly said to the lady "dont move and keep your mouth shut" (in Malay)

How many of em?

EJ: Errr.. about 4 i think

We're they masked? Did they cover their faces?

EJ: No.. they just had hoods. The cyber-cafe had CCTV cameras so the footages are being passed to the authorities.

It suddenly reminded me of how Altantuya's daddy passed a pile of documents to the police. Of course, i didn't say it... so i went on to prompt.

So did they rob everyone?

EJ: NO.. They came in and said that they were not gonna harm the Malays and asked them to move aside. They then asked all the others to take out their mobile phones & wallets.

WHAT?!?!?! ... they just robbed the non-Malays???

EJ: Err yes... why are you so surprised?

I am surprised. Fucking surprised.

Why rob just the non-Malays?

Well it didnt take more than a minute to tie things together and get to the root of that particular problem.

1. You do not rob unless you need to. Unless the "need" arisses you won't rob because every human body is attached with a human conscience. Something spiritual that will poke you and say "hey, you're doing the wrong thing" before you even conduct it. But unless, you are deprived of a fundamental need - shelter or food - it might compell you to beat the conscience. The point is, the conscience is something that's damn hard to beat, not unless you're compelled to.

So the hypothesis, or my theory is, these Malays are deprived... somehow. Could even be drugs so my above point becomes invalid. but nevertheless,

2. They only robbed the non-Malays. Meaning, they have associated their deprivation to the non-Malays. They are in my opinion getting back at the non-Malays, who they THINK caused them to be deprived of whatever they were trying to get.

Now this is DANGEROUS! Because yes, the non-Malays (mainly the Chinese) have populated the CBD and to those who are unaware, you might have the impression that the Chinese are 'greedy', controlling the Malaysian economy and marginalizing the other races.

Now, if you're reading this, you must realize that you're WRONG. You have such thinking because you have been somehow influenced by some arguments you've heard of in a ceramah or the FTA channels on TV.

Pls give my argument a chance.

I am a Chinese and i live in Malaysia and i work in the CBD. I have a white-collar job and i have no life. Why?

Because my parents forced 6 days of tuition on me for 10 years. Made education my FIRST priority, so prioritized i was grounded for 3 months before any major examination. My parents made my grandparents give me lectures about how education will determine my course of life.. bla bla bla.. education education.

My parents also stopped going overseas, stopped expensive meals, kept to the same car for a while, so they could save enough money for me & my brother to further our studies in Australia. They never bought me my own car, they didnt buy me an Optimus Prime toy, they didnt buy Air Jordans for me to play basketball, they didnt buy me LV wallets - and all these i begged for. Just because the money needs to be saved for my education.

So much importance was placed on education i wasnt given much of a choice.

And im telling you that its not easy going to tuition and your friends are in the snookeriums & cyber cafes. You get your parents to send you to a prom nite and your friends take their own CLKs & 3 series to the prom.

So when i got over the education bit, i was FUCKING relieved. But i realized that its gotten worse. I dont get my parents & grandparents drilling "education" into me no more but now i need to pay phone bills, parking bills, car loan, house rent, utilities, highway tolls, car service, insurance, road tax, government tax, traffic summons, EPF, alcohol bills, ciggarettes...............

And THANK GOD, my parents drilled that "education" thing into me.. otherwise, i would have not survived... i would have became a robber myself.

I do not get to live in DBKL homes where you pay 100+ bucks a mth for a house. I do not get 5 or 10% off a property that i buy. I do not get the lowest interest rates when i buy a house, I do not get 30% and own part of a company because i was born a certain race, I do not get grants easily, I do not get permits easily, I will not get free books for my kids next time, I will not get scholarships for my kids next time, I will not be able to place my kids in local universities next time (not that i want to), I will not get welfare if i stop work... summary is I AM IN NO POSITION TO NOT DO WHAT IM DOING TODAY. I STOP, I DIE.

So you see, I as a Chinese, need to work my ass off in the CBD, otherwise i die. Because of this i will only have max 2 kids because i have no capacity to have more than 2 kids because i need to work my ass off to make my life work. Otherwise i'll die.

So yes, FUCK THE CHINESE for taking over the CBD... for controlling a major stake in the national economy... for whatever other reasons you think.. FUCK THE CHINESE.

But, you need to understand my friend. WE GOT NO CHOICE.

And to prove my point, go look at the race split 20 years ago and look at it now. You will realize that the Chinese population is shrinking because we are working our ASSES off to make our life work. AND NOT BECAUSE WE HATE KIDS... we love sex and we love kids my friends.... just like you. We're after all the same breed - human beings, my friends.

Now, who's really robbing you my friends, are people who have misused BILLIONS of government funds on PKFZ for example. Those BILLIONS of ringgits could be used to provide you free books, welfare when you're jobless, free medicine for your sick kid, free internet for your kids to gain knowledge & immensely improve public transportation... etc etc

Blame it on people who have represented you and who have built massive balinese mansions, which they could never afford.

Blame it on those who give away giant contracts without open biddings. And korek korek korek, blame it on those who manipulate the judiaciary and make money out of it.

Now all these people are not necessarily all Malay, but my point is: Blame it on these people, your leaders... and not the Chinese in general.

We, the Chinese are victims as well... just like you.

It's came to my utmost concern that some people are starting to blame it on the Chinese in general, when the Chinese like i say again...victims as well.... just like you.

DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP. Again this is just my personal opinion, but theres a giant conspiracy going on to protect certain individuals of their positions. And they will go to the largest extent to protect their positions. This "racist robbery" is a clear example. DO NOT BE MANIPULATED, i trust that you're wise enough to make your own judgement.

Thank you.


fourfeetnine said...

*clicks Like post 1000x

you only have cool, funny and boring as options to rate! but this post was awe-inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

Never know robbery can be 'selected' as which race you want to rob! WTF

Huai Bin said...

Robbery that targets a certain race only? That's a new one.

Anonymous said...

Robberies base on race.. that's the first I heard. I like the way you wrote about it and i do feel that most people tend to generalize everything because then it makes it easier than pointing the blame to yourself, and situation. Love the way of writing. Makes it easy, less threatening to read, and makes the truth much easier to swallow

des said...

Thanks fourfeetnine & the 2nd annonymous commenter.

Hi the 1st annonymous commenter & huai bin, its new to me as well. At first it came with some entertainment value but after pondering upon the matter, there seems to be an IMMINENT threat that's becoming more apparent.

Anonymous said...

What you have posted really voiced out how we feel. The current situation is just oh well depressing. I am a student studying overseas..and we really do feel discriminated. Each time our ministers come for a visit, there would be a 'Majlis Makan Bersama Menteri'. It is however only for the bumiputra students..This weekend our Timbalan Perdana Menteri is coming..and yes they will spend a huge sum for another dinner involving about 450 people. The cost would be about rm 60-70 per head and I guess they really could have used our tax payer's money for a better cause :)

Anonymous said...

yea, u should add a *like* post. that's wat i owes told my overseas fren 'welcom to malaysia!!! 1Malaysia, they say!" :)