Friday, October 30, 2009

Kapas Island

I must say that the October month has been quite a fulfilling month for me so far... alot of work done, achieved some significant milestones in my career and at the same time balanced it out with 2 island trips in Kapas island, which i'll be writing about now, and Phuket island, which i'll blog about in the next post.

If you're looking for a short getaway from the hustle & bustle of the city, yet easy to plan and affordable, try Kapas Island.

If you're sick of how commercialized Bali & Phuket is... walking along the beach and you have 1 million men & women & confused humans touching you & trying to sell you stuff... try Kapas Island.

It's just a 1 hour flight from KL to Kuala Terrenganu. From there you will need to hire a driver to ferry you down to Marang Jetty and from there, hire a boat man to take you out to the island. It's only about a 30-45mins boat ride so if you get sea sick from this, you're a fucking sissy.

There are a couple of resorts on Kapas Island. I've not seen all of them but based on the 3 ive seen - they all have their own unique expressions.

I actually put up in a resort called "Qimi". Some of the girls complained about the lack of facilities & the dirty toilets but i actually grew fond of the place, not because of the dirty toilets, but how much it resonates with mother nature.

There were no tar roads, hardly any steal, no aircon in the room, most of the challets were built from hand krafts and not manufactured goods. Mother nature. Pure bliss.

This is the challet i stayed in.

On a green island, you'd be expecting insects & mozzies so they fixed nettings to protect you from insect bites when you hit the sack.
The challets had balconies too, where you could just sit & chill & get bitten by mosquitos.

Well, one of the reasons (actually the main reason) i came to Kapas Island was because a mate of mine, Seif, was gonna dedicate his dick to 1 pussy... or in more conventional terms - getting married.

This is the groom to be, doin what a groom gotta do - prove to his wife that he the man.

A pretty picture to show off.

Tell me how you'd feel waking up from an afternoon nap to such a view.

Playin with sand with Arston's kids.

Are'nt these Russian kids just adorable?

Another picture............ not updating my blog for a mth has taken its toll on me (you loose your cock & bull story to describe every picture)

The rest houses were awesome.

This challet is also comin up and i heard they're gonna put a jacuzzi in it.... sounds very manufactured but, at least they're hidin it inside some giant pebbles they've stolen from the beach.

Bride & groom exchanging their vows in front of mother nature's arch.

Such a tradition that friends pose for a picture with the bride & groom after they exchange vows.

More pretty pictures.... from Kapas Island.

Every meal is covered when you rent a challet. And every meal, they set up tables on the beach, laced with flower petals and such.... so you have your meals to the sight of a seashore & to the breeze of the sea....

Only took a picture of the food 75% through it but they serve a variation of food... from local grilled fish to pasta & sausages.
All the food is cooked with love from Rose, owner of the resort. I din't have a single thing to complaint about the food.... exotic & mouth watering.

A typical night by a camp fire.

In summary, i absolutely fell in love with Kapas island & will have no hesitation at all to revisit the place.


Anonymous said...

redang and perhentian island much better

KY said...

waaa ur pic looks hardcore, tattoo all! :P

des said...

but they're commercialized... Kapas island during the monsoon season is dead... you have the whole beach to yourself and ur mates. That's what i really appreciated... serenity

KY, bro, dont use 'hardcore' la... hehe artistic

Kamagra said...

I would definitely spend some vacations time there, this place is so amazing-and with great things to explore.

4rx said...

I love these pictures woow so beautiful place