Friday, September 19, 2008

Will Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim be the next victim under the draconian ISA

I do not practise law and have always missed by business law classes (the closest in relevancy) in uni and i am not anyhow associated to any law associations. So what im about to write is pure bullshit and has no credibility at all.

The minister hints the public, the police makes the arrest.
And the minister will say "it was part of the lawenforcement process"

Let me elaborate on this.

On Sep 6th, Syed Hamid released statements to a govt owned media denouncing RPK as a "blasphemous Muslim of the worst kind" and that ISA can be used on RPK.

Now if ISA was established to detain people who pose a threat to national security, how does a "blasphemous Muslim" of the whatever kind pose a threat to national security? I've seen Christians swearing and using God's name in vain in the worst kind but they never got arrested.


Obviously to justify Syed's allegations, and without considering (should they have such an ability) the police made an arrest bout a week after.

And with such coincidence, Syed Hamid received a letter from RPK's lawyer 3 days before the ISA arrest was made on RPK. RPK wanted Syed Hamid to publish an apology (in 3 days) and on terms to be agreed upon RPK. I can very clearly see how this letter can be an insult to Syed Hamid and to very clearly keep his face (n botak head) nice and shiny, he did the contrary - RPK got arrested.

And yet, Syed Hamid says its a decision by the police and if he interferes, the public will see it as politically motivated. Well Mr Syed Hamid, you do not have to say that and the public can already see its politically motivated.

And how coincidential. The police made the arrest on the deadline that was given to Syed Hamid before RPK commences on legal proceedings.

Nevermind, that's just the beggining.

Just today, Syed Hamid has again hinted the public that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can be a threat to the country's peace and security. - Because he wants to reduce the oil price? Because he wants to abolish the cronny favoured NEP? Because he wants to have a multi-racial governing administration? Because he wants to abolish ISA? Because he wants to improve the economy in the current decline? For what?????

To drive more credibility to Syed's hint, Badawi has also made such a statement to the press.
That Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim might brainwash thousands of people, instigate hate, tie backpacks filled with explosives to thousands of those people and motivate them to run into the PM's office - this statement is false and an exageration. Badawi just merely mentioned that DSAI might be a threat to national security from his lies.


Maybe on September 23rd he will, a date which is also Badawi's deadline to reconvene parliament so the opposition can submit a vote of no confidence. Very predictable move. Maybe on Sept 20th, DSAI will ask his lawyers to write a letter to Syed Hamid and Abdullah Badawi demanding them to publish a public appology for the lebelious remarks made against him, and give them a 3 days deadline.

But i know for sure DSAI got more balls than worry about an ISA detention. Not that he's never been detained - TWICE.

And if he does catch the fish with his bait (ask for the ISA detention and get it). The BN will lose ALL their credibility with the use of ISA.

And worse, it is a build up from the unjustified Sinchew reporter detention - Syed Hamid claimed that it was to issue security to the reporter after hearing from intelligence that she was under threat. So now ISA also provides security? So if a teenage girl is walking home on a dark alley and is being followed by 3 unidentified people with weapons, can she call ISA?

Best is, the police issued a press statement a day after saying something totally different. That intelligence said the sinchew reported might posses a threat to national peace by instigating racial tensions........ Man....... For reporting something a politician (who is now roaming free) said??? You must be fucking kidding.... What nonscence

And Teresa Kok, who represented the people's will and who was wrongly accused by Utusan Malaysia, and who was arrested under ISA because she was a threat to national security for the above reasons

Furthermore, Najib is hoping that Teresa's release will abate furore over the use of ISA. Now dude, why was it used at the very first place with no clear substance?? And why isnt the Utusan journalist arrested under the ISA for instigating racial tensions?? and for wrongly accusing Teresa and as a cause she was detained under ISA?

So lets see if the BN administration will fall into the trap.
At least they have their last and most lethal card left. The card which was made out of the switch between Badawi's and Najib's portfolio. At least this time, they did make some preperation. A lethal and a deadly one.

God save the country.

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