Sunday, March 9, 2008


I just got off the phone with Boss Stewie after a very, very lengthy conversation and he's finally admitted his interest in politics and his genuine desire to be the next blogger in parliament.

In our phone conversation, we contemplated how Arnie succeeded as Governor of California and how blogger Jeff Ooi won his seat in parliament on his inaugural attempt in the elections. We ultimately thought that for young Stewie, who's been in the media limelight and the being young entrepeneur who has pioneered the first blog advertising network in Asia Nuffnang, it wont be difficult to next head into parliament

Besides, its a hellotof time we got before hte next elections

I was quickly then appointed as the head of digital media to campaign for "The Next Blogger in Parliament"

Without waisting no time, we gathered at the drawing board and some strategies were quickly ironed out. With limited campaign funds at the moment, it made perfect sense to start raising some funds

Strategy 1 was defined. Raise funds via online donations (via paypal or CC) with a viral mechanism.

Tier 1 - The single largest contributor will be pimped fornightly by top bloggers in Malaysia which after a year, we guarantee you that you would have made twice your contribution via Nuffnang ads

Tier 2 - The hottest chic who contributes will be Boss Stewies personal secretary when he enters Parliament.

Strategy 2 - Strategy 2 was very tough as it would purely be dependent on the level of funds we raise via strategy 1. After hours trying to crack the nut, the idea finally popped. We thought that this strategy will need to roll out irregardless of hte funds we raise from strategy 1 so it will need to be cost effective & BTL.

We were inspired by Jeff Ooi, who sang rock songs to his fans - that was surely very cost effecient

And Obama's You Tube campaigns, where sluty bikinis babes (like Obama girl) expressed their crush on Obama (Surely, Boss Stewie's got plenty of hot bloggers at his disposal)

Strategy 2 was quick ironed out. We will name it "The Crush on Boss Stewie"

This is how it works. We will start to communicate the new cute crush in town (Boss Stewie) using posters and affordable billboards. And that he's currently suffering from Recurrent Corneal Erosion and if unless treated, will result in face distortion with an inproportionate nose.

We will then place hot hunks in schools and colleges with donation boxes to raise funds for treatment. All the funds raised will subsequently be invested back into the campaign.

More strategies to come. In the interim, pls contribute to ideas


Boss Stewie said...

Dude you damn funny man!

AHhahaha wat a joke

des said...

Boss, i thought you were serious about politics. I had the phone conversation recorded

ZB said...

BOSS i will vote for you!